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Please stay safe and send our beloved Cinema Partners (including the Laemmle Theaters, the Frida Cinema, and the Art Theater in Long Beach) your love.  That includes once again enjoying movies at the theaters.  Cinemas have taken considerable steps to ensure safe viewing…reduced capacity and assigned seating to provide distancing, mask requirements, wipe-downs, air filtration, disinfecting, employee health training, etc.  You can read what each theater is doing at their website.  If you still would prefer to watch at home, we also keep you in the know about several Video On Demand and Curated Streaming Services. And don’t forget to check out our Fabulous Film Reviews (, or click on the links provided in the film postings!)


On BLU-RAY for the first time in the US, starting JULY 1.  The Blu-ray edition of SAMPO contains: New 4K restoration of the Finnish-language version of SAMPO from the original 35mm CinemaScope picture elements and 4-track audio by The Finnish National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI), with additional digital restoration by Craig Rogers for Deaf Crocodile, new commentary track by comics artist (Swamp Thing), film historian, and author Stephen R. Bissette… and MUCH MORE!
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Enjoy the SAMPO (1959) restored trailer here:
Description: DEAF CROCODILE FILMS has done it again, this time with a 4K RESTORATION of director Aleksandr Ptushko’s stunning Finnish/Soviet fantasy epic, based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala.  Legendary director Aleksandr Ptushko’s ravishing, mystical fantasy tells the story of a sinister witch Louhi (Anna Orochko) who covets the Sampo, a magical, rainbow-colored mill that can produce endless salt, grain, and gold. When the hero Lemminkäinen (Andris Oshin) attempts to stop her, Louhi literally steals the sun, plunging the world into eternal darkness.  SAMPO features some of Ptushko’s most surreal and fantastical imagery: a glowing red horse plowing a field of vipers; a boat of fire with a stag’s head; a weeping mother literally walking across the sea to find her lost son. With its witch’s incantations and repeated scenes of forging magical items — “Give me fire for the furnace from the nave of the sky!” — there is an almost Macbeth-like occult force to the film.  This is not the butchered version originally released in the U.S., but a beautifully restored, in 4K, first-ever American release in its original Finnish-language CinemaScope version by Deaf Crocodile.

Debuts in North American theaters and on Digital July 1.
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Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:   
Description: WELL GO USA TO RELEASES UKRAINIAN ACTION-DRAMA. SNIPER: THE WHITE RAVEN, helmed by first-time feature director Marian Bushan, stars multi-hyphenate actor, musician and photographer Pavlo Aldoshyn as real-life Ukrainian sniper Mykola Voronin, who had moved to Ukraine’s Donbas region as a brilliant yet eccentric physics teacher and eco-settler. After a senseless tragedy at the hands of invading soldiers soon thereafter, the film follows Mykola as he enlists in the military and earns a coveted position as a sniper, vowing revenge on the attackers as well as an elite enemy combatant who mortally wounded one of Mykola’s closest comrades from the shadows. The film is dramatized, though based on many actual events from Voronin’s life.  

In Theaters July 29
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Description: Prequel to THE ADMIRAL: ROARING CURRENTS, the most-watched film in Korean cinema history, from Well Go USA.  A prequel to THE ADMIRAL: ROARING CURRENTS, HANSAN: RISING DRAGON depicts the historical Battle of Hansando. In 1592, admiral Yi Sun-sin and his fleet face off against the might of the invading Japanese navy and its formidable warships. As the Korean forces fall into crisis, the admiral resorts to using his secret weapon, the dragon head ships known as geobukseon, in order to change the tide of this epic battle at sea.

Sing Hallelujah at the Laemmle theaters this week, starting June 30!
Theater and Virtual Cinema; get showtimes, theaters, ticket, and safety info at: 
Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song--A definitive exploration of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen as seen through the prism of his internationally renowned hymn, “Hallelujah.” Presenting the songwriter and his times; the song’s dramatic journey from record label reject to chart-topping hit; and moving testimonies from major recording artists for whom “Hallelujah” has become a personal touchstone.
Forgiven--Speeding through the Moroccan desert to attend an old friend's lavish weekend party, a wealthy London couple are involved in a tragic accident with a local boy.
Mr. Malcolm's List--When she fails to meet an item on his list of requirements for a bride, Julia Thistlewaite (Zawe Ashton) is jilted by London’s most eligible bachelor, Mr. Malcolm (Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù).  Some real laugh-out-loud moments.
Lost Highway--The mysterious nature of identity is the subject of this surreal psychological thriller filled with desperate men, faithless women, expensive cars and cheap motels.
Beba--An unflinching exploration of filmmaker Rebeca "Beba" Huntt in a remarkable coming-of-age documentary/cinematic memoir.
Tampopo--Juzo Itami’s rapturous “ramen western” is the tale of an enigmatic band of ramen ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe.
Accepted--T.M. Landry, an unconventional prep school in Louisiana, received national attention for sending its graduates to elite universities, when an explosive New York Times exposé rocked the school. Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:    
Hello, Bookstore--In the shadow of the pandemic, a small town rallies to protect a beloved local bookstore.
Fourth of July--A recovering alcoholic and jazz pianist in New York City confronts his acerbic family during their annual Fourth of July vacation.
Attack on Finland--Finland’s Independence Day celebration takes a tragic turn when the Presidential Palace is attacked and the president is taken hostage.
All the Lord's Men--Two unskilled detectives from Los Angeles fall under the influence of a mysterious cult leader while on a mission to nowhere. Can reality ever really be...real?

The Sorrow and the Pity, HD Restoration! A film by Marcel Ophüls. From its first release at an underground theater in Paris, this account of France's occupation under Nazi regime has been acclaimed as one of the most moving and influential films ever made.
The Troubles We've Seen, A History of Journalism in Wartime by Marcel Ophüls. One of the most important films of director Marcel Ophüls' career is also his least seen, facing backlash time and time again for its questions about the role of media during crises.
Dance Camera West 2022. Three Programs! OVID is proud to present the entirety of this year's Dance Camera West Festival! This selection of films ranges from documentaries to experimental shorts.
Documentary Shorts Program, Four films.  Featuring behind-the-scenes, rehearsals, and personal stories of the artists we often only see on stage. Learn how dances are made from the people who make them.
Experimental Shorts Program, Thirteen films.  Features short experimental dance films from Canada, U.S., Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom.
Mentorship Films Program, Five films.  DCW mentored BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists, the participants shortlisted from the three local dance festivals. The goal is for a strong cinematic impact on the choreography.
OVID's July Schedule!  Howard Zinn’s alternate history of the United States, Paz Vega’s electrifying debut Sex and Lucia, Denys Arcand’s The Decline of the American Empire, the racy secret history of erotic art, and much more!  Read OVID’s blog metafilm for the complete lineup:

Opening August 12th at the Laemmle Royal Theatre ( ) and other area theatres
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: Strand Releasing presents a vibrant, lively film tracking the lives of young women today! Best friends Mimmi and Rönkkö have each other’s backs, always.  They want to live adventurous lives, loaded with experiences and passion.  Emma, on the contrary, has given her whole life to figure skating.  Nothing gets between her and success.  But when the girls meet, life opens new paths, and they all rocket in new directions.  While Mimmi and Emma experience the earth moving effects of first love, Rönkkö is on a quest to find pleasure.

Exclusive US Streaming Premiere on 7/29, Only at Film Movement Plus!
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: A Principled Documentarian Uncovers a Scandal! As a documentary director, Yuko (Kumi Takiuchi) has mastered the balance between journalistic integrity and self-interest. Her professional ethics, when reporting a case of high-school bullying which led to two suicides, demand impartiality and respect for the truth — there are, however, some versions of the truth which are more likely to get aired on television than others. But when Yuko, who makes a career picking through the fallout after headline news stories, realizes that a scandal is about to break much closer to home, she reevaluates her lofty principles to become a participant in a morally challenging story. And, as the boundaries between work and family, reality and ideals, beliefs and truths become blurred, and the world Yuko knew begins to veer in unexpected directions, what irreversible choices will she ultimately make? Directed by Yujiro Harumoto.

Worldwide theatrical release on September 14, 2022.
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: BETTER NOISE FILMS Present Thrills and HORROR with a killer soundtrack! An upstanding pastor uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter’s brutal murder. With a high-octane original soundtrack, and cameos from some of the biggest names in rock music, this horror-thriller reveals a game of revenge played using a new set of rules.Michael Lombardi ("Rescue Me"), Marc Menchaca ("Ozark"), and Joseph Gatt ("Game of Thrones") headline the cast alongside Jacoby Shaddix, front man of Papa Roach, making his acting debut. THE RETALIATORS features cameos and music by Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody, Zoltan Bathory, and Chris Kael, Papa Roach, Jaya of The Hu, Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, Eva Under Fire’s Amanda Lyberg, Matt Brandyberry, Danny Case, Lance Dowdle, and Matt Madiro of From Ashes to New, Cory Marks, and Dan Murphy and Miles Franco of All Good Things, anchored by an original score from Emmy-winning composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein ("Stranger Things").

Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone
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See the trailer here:
Description: Backed by the Daniels, Rachel Wolther and Alex H. Fischer’s out-of-this-world wonder soars with a joyous, feminist energy.  Across wild vignettes of absurdist dance pieces and skits involving beach balls and alien sheep, the cosmic, the comic, and the plain weird giddily ricochet in perfect chaos. Rachel Wolther, Alex H. Fischer, 2017.  More News!  Enjoy KPFK Film Club Review of this and other great films at:  The KPFK Film Club Review of HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRDS, now on MUBI, can be enjoyed here:

Releasing July 1 in Theaters & on VOD
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Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:   
Description: Greenwich Entertainment presents a unique and intriguing look at the world of Ivy League college admissions.  Four high school seniors in rural Louisiana attend T.M. Landry, an unconventional K - 12 school housed in a sparse warehouse made famous for sending its graduates to elite universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. The students aim to meet the intense expectations of Mike Landry, the imposing founder of the school who charts a relentless course towards their college dreams. When the New York Times publishes an expose on Landry’s controversial methods, the school buckles under the scrutiny. Each senior is left to contend with uncomfortable truths about their school and the college admissions system, and decide for themselves what they are willing to do to be accepted.  An acclaimed documentary about the true cost of getting that first foothold into elite American society. Directed by Dan Chen.

On VOD June 28 From Deaf Crocodile, Uncut For The First Time In The US
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Enjoy the trailer here: ;
Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:
Description: 4K Restoration of Aleksandr Ptushko’s Visually Stunning FX-Filled Epic. A stunning Cinemascope ballad of heroic medieval knights, ruthless Tugar invaders, wind demons and three-headed fire-breathing dragons. The film stars Boris Andreyev as the bogatyr (warrior) Ilya, a mythic figure in the Kyivan Rus’ culture that pre-dated both modern Ukraine and Russia (much of the film’s action is set in Kyiv, and Ilya’s relics are held today in the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra monastery). Based on a series of famous byliny (oral epics), the film follows Ilya as he wages a decades-long battle against the Tugars who threaten his homeland, kidnap his wife, and raise his own son to fight against him. Ptushko began his career in the 1930s and went on to become a combination of Walt Disney, Ray Harryhausen, and Mario Bava for his dazzling, bejeweled fantasies including THE STONE FLOWER, SADKO, SAMPO, and RUSLAN & LUDMILA.  This Deaf Crocodile Films release has been restored in 4K.

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Description: Oscilloscope presents Nathalie Álvarez Mesén's Spellbinding Debut.  In a remote village in Costa Rica, 40-year-old Clara (Araya) endures a repressively religious and withdrawn life under the command of her mother (Chavez). Her uncanny affinity for creatures large and small allows Clara to find solace in the natural world around her. Tension builds within the family as Clara’s younger niece (Espinoza) approaches her quinceañera, igniting a sexual and mystical awakening in Clara, and a journey to free herself from the conventions that have dominated her life. DIRECTED AND CO-WRITTEN BY  Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, STARRING Wendy Chinchilla Araya, Flor María Vargas Chavez, Ana Julia Porras Espinoza, and Daniel Castañeda Rincón.

In Theaters July 22 & on Digital and Demand July 26
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Description: Saban Films presents an intense journey into the darkness of the American Old West.  A seemingly unstoppable, violent creature stands between a gang of outlaws, a Native American woman, and a fortune of gold in the terrifying Old West.  Dutch Wilder and his crew are tasked with ambushing prospectors who’ve discovered gold in the uncharted Blackwood Forest.  But first they must track the horse thief who killed one of their men. The “thief” is a Native American, herself a victim of barbaric frontier injustice. Coerced in-to accompanying the gang through the treacherous terrain, she leads them deeper into darkness where they’re attacked by the malevolent, ancient entity. The Wilder posse and Native guide must work together and fight for their very survival.

Available July 26, 2022 on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital
Bonus Features Include New Commentary by Director Bruno Baretto,
A Behind-the-Scenes Featurette and a 16-Page Collectible Booklet Featuring
A New Essay by Film producer & Costume Designer Mary Jane Marcasiano
Get more info here:
Enjoy the trailer here:
Description:  Based on the novel by Jorge Amado, Director Bruno Barreto’s provocative erotic comedy, DONA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS (1976), was the most successful film in Brazilian history for thirty-five years, was nominated for a Golden Globe for “Best Foreign Film” and made Sonia Braga an international superstar. Following the strange events that befall Doña Flor (Braga, Kiss of the Spider Woman) after she is left a widow by the death of her wild, philandering husband, Vadinho (José Wilker), she attempts to marry more wisely the second time around. The bewitchingly beautiful widow succeeds, but when she discovers her staid pharmacist husband has no interest in sex, she happily welcomes the sexy ghost of her late husband. Called “a classic erotic comedy” (Gary Arnold, Washington Post), DONA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS has been meticulously restored in 4K, and will be available on extras-laden Blu-ray for the very first time featuring new commentary by director Barreto and more!

OVID in July Presents 30 Films with 17 SVOD Exclusives
Just in time for the 4th of July, OVID's new lineup has films to challenge the status quo, including Howard Zinn's A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, the Hollywood and 9/11 documentary BLOWBACK, and FRENEMIES, which combines Afro-Caribbean music and a critical perspective to examine the American embargo against Cuba.  OVID in July also features Denys Arcand's classic 1986 comedy of sexual politics THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, Belgian shocker ALLELUIA, and the steamy arthouse hit SEX AND LUCIA.  Streaming premieres include Dario Guerro's deeply moving story of immigration and his mother's battle with cancer ROCIO, and ORCHESTRATING CHANGE, a powerful doc about the only orchestra in the world for people living with mental illness. All this and more comes to OVID next month!  Enjoy it all on OVID TV ( )
Complete list of films premiering on OVID this month (in alphabetical order):
10 Billion
, Valentin Thurn (2015)
Activized, Eric Stange (2019)
Alleluia, Fabrice Du Welz (2015)
Arsene Lupin, Jean-Paul Salomé (2004)
Blowback: The 9/11 Wars in Global Film, George Lee and Terence McSweeney, (2019)
CERN, Nikolaus Geyrhalter (2013)
Connectivity Project, Rose Madrone (2019)
The Decline of the American Empire, Denys Arcand (1986)
Django (2017), Etienne Comar (2017)
Frenemies: Cuba and the U.S. Embargo, Mirella Martinelli (2020)
Germinal, Claude Berri (1993)
The Girl with the Rivet Gun, Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly (2020)
Howard Zinn, une histoire populaire américaine, Olivier Azam and Daniel Mermet (2015)
Female Agents, Jean-Paul Salomé (2008)
LOL (Laughing Out Loud), Lisa Azuelos (2008)
Master of the Universe, Marc Bauder (2013)
Nobody From Nowhere, Mathieu Delaporte (2014)
Orchestrating Change, Margie Friedman and Barbara Multer-Wellin (2020)
The Passion of Augustine, Léa Pool (2015)
Renzo Piano: An Architect for Santander, Carlos Saura (2018)
Resistance is Life, Apo W. Bazidi (2017)
Rocio, Darío Guerrero (2019)
Rock the Casbah, Laïla Marrakchi (2013)
Ruth Stone's Vast Library of the Human Mind, Nora Jacobson (2022)
Secret Museums, Peter Woditsch (2008)
Sex and Lucia, Julio Medem (2001)
The Dirty War on the NHS, John Pilger (2019)
This Old Cub, Jeff Santo (2004)
Wa-shoku: Beyond Sushi, Junichi Suzuki (2015)
Wrath of Silence (Bao lie wu sheng), YUKUN XIN (2017)

World Premiere at BAMcinemaFest, June 23-30, 2022
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Enjoy the KPFK Film Review here:
Description: Amber Bemak’s Daring Debut Feature Documentary! A Playful and Self-Reflexive Exploration of Mexican/Chicanx Performance Artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña and his Troupe La Pocha Nostra’s Decades-Spanning Career of Radical Artistic Practice and Collaborative Performance.   At a time when the mainstream media is filled with stories about the US–Mexico border, the film presents the work and philosophical frameworks of an artist with a sustained dedication to highly impactful, innovative artistic interventions on that border. Featuring exclusive footage from his personal archive, Gómez-Peña enacts his artistic interventions by reclaiming and "queering the border" as a laboratory for utopian ideas and artistic experimentation.

This week at the Fabulous Frida Cinema
Get more info at
FLUX GOURMET, 6/24th - 6/30th.  A black comedy horror…Devoted to culinary and alimentary performance, an institution is embroiled in power struggles, artistic vendettas and gastrointestinal disorders.
JENNIFER'S BODY, 6/24th - 8pm, LGBT PRIDE MONTH.   A nerdy high school student in Devil's Kettle, Minnesota, and a popular head cheerleader, go to see an indie band at a dive bar—but a fire breaks out, and they get separated--Jennifer finds herself singled out, chosen as a victim for a gruesome human sacrifice.
STAR WARS:RETURN OF THE JEDI, 6/24th - 26th.  Witness the triumph of the Force in the penultimate film in The Cinematic Experience series.
LAZER INVASION! 6/26th - 11pm.  A multimedia throwback to the old days of the Laserium.  Lovers of classic rock and trippy visuals, this really has to be seen to be believed!
FACE/OFF, 6/24th-25th.  A stylized cat-and-mouse action thriller from John Woo, and one of Nic Cage's most winning outings.  FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) swears to retaliate against his son’s killer, the criminal mastermind Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage).
SNAKE EYES, 6/24th -25th.   Brian De Palma 1998 thriller! Rick Santoro (Cage) is forced to take on the task of undoing a murderous conspiracy that causes a domino effect of gunfire and casualties.
FRUITS BASKET: PRELUDE, 6/25th-28th.  The beloved manga series brings us on an emotional journey with the story of protagonist Tohru Honda's late parents. Kyoko meets trainee teacher Katsuya Honda, the first person in Kyoko's life who's had kindness to spare for her.
SMOKING MIRROR, 6/26th - 12pm. Join director Temicmachan Flores for a free test screening of Smoking Mirror, an experimental documentary which examines the queerness inherent in Mesoamerican cosmology and highlights the ways in which queer people have always belonged to, but have been kept out of, their cultural spaces due to homophobia and remnants of colonial indoctrination.
POSER, 6/27th- July. Explore the seedy underworld of indie music.  Wallflower Lennon Gates (Sylvie Mix) yearns for access to the inner sanctum of the underground music scene in Columbus, Ohio.
RED DESERT, 6/26th-27th.  Amid the modern wastelands and toxic factories of Italy, wife and mother Giuliana (Monica Vitti) desperately tries to conceal her tenuous grip on reality from those around her,
BOUND,6/29th-30th.  Corky (Gina Gershon) is an ex-con working maintenance at an apartment building, where she comes across a tenant named Violet (Jennifer Tilly). The two immediately, and passionately, strike an affair as Violet's boyfriend, a money launderer for the Mafia, begins to suspect foul play.
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, 6/29th-30th.  In Spielberg's sci-fi masterwork, an Indiana family man (Richard Dreyfuss) has a strange encounter with loud, colorfully-lit UFOs.
MAD GOD, 7/1, 2, & 3.  Legendary animator Phil Tippett's (Jurassic Park, RoboCop)  stop-motion post-apocalyptic horror film… a MUST SEE for animated horror fans!

Cinematic Thrills at the Laemmle Theaters this week!
Theater and Virtual Cinema
; get showtimes, theaters, ticket, and safety info at:
Apples--Amidst a worldwide pandemic that causes sudden amnesia, middle-aged Aris (Aris Servetalis) finds himself enrolled in a recovery program designed to help unclaimed patients build new identities. Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:
Elvis--Explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), seen through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks) and his wife, Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge).
Man of Integrity--Reza leads a simple life along with his wife and young son in a remote village and working on his goldfish farm until a private company with close links to the government, takes control of nearly every aspect of regional life, local links in the larger network of corruption. Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:
1982—A life-affirming coming-of-age tale set at an idyllic school in Lebanon’s mountains on the eve of a looming invasion. It unfolds over a single day and follows an 11-year-old boy’s relentless quest to profess his love to a girl in his class.
New Old Play--Qiu Jiongjiong’s visually magnificent new film is a unique hybrid of fiction, historical reminiscence, and experimental theatre, an overview of China from the 1930s to the 1980s.
Memoria--A bewildering drama about a Scottish woman (Tilda Swinton), who, after hearing a loud ‘bang’ at daybreak, begins experiencing a mysterious sensory syndrome while traversing the jungles of Colombia.
Flux Gourmet--Set at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance, a collective finds themselves embroiled in power struggles, artistic vendettas and gastrointestinal disorders.
Maestro: A Symphony of Terror—A loving tribute to the cult classics of the past, but also an exploration into deep philosophical issues about the nature of art. The tale of a genius provoked and pushed into madness and beyond,
Diamond in the Rough--New college grad Ariana Alvarez (Samantha Boscarino) is given a chance to turn her life around when she joins a stuffy country club, complete with a hopelessly hot caddy (Griffin Johnson).

The king has entered the building (Art theater in Long beach, that is!)
Elvis, Starting 6/24.  The film explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), seen through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).  From the director of Mouin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet, the incredible Baz Luhrmann.  Starring: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge, Dacre Montgomery
La Bamba, One Night Only - June 24th at 10:30pm. Biographical story of the rise from nowhere of early rock and roll singer Ritchie Valens who died at age 17 in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.
Directed by Luis Valdez, starring Lou Diamond Philips, Esai Morales, Rosanna DeSoto, Elizabeth Peña
Agatha Christie's  And Then There Were None, One Night Only - June 29th at 7pm (Special Preshow Presentation featuring Trivia, Cartoons and more!) In this suspenseful drama, based on Agatha Christie's mystery tale, 10 strangers are summoned to a remote island. While they are waiting for the mysterious host to appear, a recording levels serious accusations at each of the guests-- soon they start being murdered, one by one.  Directed by René Clair, starring: Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis Hayward, Richard Haydn
Get more info at:

Wednesday, July 6, at 7 PM, Laemmle’s West L.A., Glendale, and Newhall
Get more info here:
Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: Laemmle Theatres’ Anniversary Classics Series presents Juzo Itami’s delectable comedy.  A truck driver and his friends come to the aid of a noodle shop owner’s widow and help her to refine and perfect her ramen dishes. But several quirky subplots and other tasty asides interrupt and enrich the central narrative.  The noodle dishes themselves are lovingly photographed to whet the audience’s appetites. Beyond that, puckish humor and eroticism add flavor to this savory melange.  As Hal Hinson declared in the Washington Post, Tampopo is “a rambunctious mixture of the bawdy and the sublime…perhaps the funniest movie about the connection between food and sex ever made.”

Check out what’s new on Filmocracy!
Filmocracy's "Filmdle comes to the "Worldle" Multiverse
Wordle took the world by storm but the game always felt a bit lackluster.  Filmocracy worked on developing their own variation … Filmdle! Utilizing the top 1000 movies of all time (compiled from various sources) Filmdle shows 1-6 seconds of the trailer. Your mission is to guess the film in as few guesses as possible. While it’s hoped the intrinsic entertainment of the game will allow it to stand on its own, in the future playing Filmdle will lead to popcorn earned on Filmocracy.  You can give it a try at
Filmocracy's Weekly Film PicksGet more info at
--The Orator--Official New Zealand nomination for 2012 Academy Awards. In a village in Samoa, the human condition is the same as in any modern city. This stunning movie deals with the eternal truths of humanity...belonging, betrayal, courage, and the power of words.
--Shackleton's Captain--Captain Frank Worsley signs on as Captain of the Endurance to navigate Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew to Antarctica. When the expedition ship is crushed; Worsley's seamanship and navigational skills saves them all.
Upcoming Festivals on Filmocracy—Get more info at
--ARFF & WSXA PARIS 2022, June 24 – 26.  SCREENINGS with Q&A INTERVIEW SESSIONS. Annual Independent event for all Feature, Shorts, Documentary, Experimental, Commercial, Music Video, Animations, Student Films, Series, TV, and New Media.
--Film & Folklore 2022, June 24 – 26.  The Film and Folklore Festival is an event festival in Trinidad & Tobago which invites persons to experience a unique and interactive experience in folklore storytelling comprised of; music, spoken word, art, language, food and film.
Upcoming Filmocracy Events
--Filmocracy Fest, July 14-17.  A combination of in-person and virtual screenings in Los Angeles.
--Filmocracy Podcast--It’s summer solstice which means summer has officially begun!  Filmocracy hosts discuss summer blockbusters and where independent films fit into summer release schedules with counter-programming ( )

Opens at AMC/Regal and more screens nationwide on June 24th, followed by a digital release through Utopia on July 19th
Get more info here:
Enjoy the trailer here:
Enjoy the KPFK Film Club review here:
Description:  Who played for the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers…His most notable accomplishments on the field include 5,714 strike-outs, seven no-hitters and the fastest pitch at 108.1mph, AND he set 51 MLB records…Nolan Ryan, of course! And now there’s an acclaimed film about him, released by Utopia… FACING NOLAN, which debuted at the 2022 Southwest Film Festival, gives viewers an intimate look at the ups and downs of Nolan’s storied 27-year career, his personal relationships with friends and family, and covers a handful of Nolan’s greatest achievements on the diamond. Told from the point of view of the hitters who faced him and the teammates who revered him, the film features new interviews with Nolan Ryan, President George W. Bush, Craig Biggio, Steve Buechele, George Brett, Rod Carew, Roger Clemens, Tom Grieve, Tom House, Randy Johnson, Pete Rose, Ivan Rodriguez, Bobby Valentine, Dave Winfield, Bobby Witt and many others.

FREE PUPPIES!  The True Story of Rescue Dogs
Get more info here:
Enjoy the trailer here:
Opening in Theaters beginning August 12, 2022 in Live & Virtual Cinemas.  Weekend Q&A's in New York City and Los Angeles with Filmmakers Samantha Wishman & Christina Thomas and the Tri-state Rescue Ladies.
Description: First Run Features presents a grassroots movement to relocate rescue dogs!  The first feature film on the booming national movement to relocate rescue dogs! Millions of rescue dogs from the rural South have been transported to new homes thanks to the tireless efforts of a vast, grassroots network of dog rescuers.  FREE PUPPIES! is the true story of where those dogs came from and the grim challenges facing a group of women rescuers working together to save them.

Opens at the New Plaza Cinema in New York, and at Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles on June 24, 2022. Other select cities will follow.
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Trailer: ;
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Description: Big World Pictures is proud to present the Winner of Prix Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival.Iran’s Mohammad Rasoulof, whose latest feature "There Is No Evil" won the Golden Bear at the 2020 Berlinale, has been making scathing social commentary of the Iranian regime for over a decade, but he remains relatively unknown in the US—despite winning numerous prizes at such top world film festivals as Cannes and Berlin. A MAN OF INTEGRITY reveals the corruption and state cronyism at the heart of one of the most powerful and influential regimes in the Middle East. Reza, having distanced himself from the urban quagmire, leads a simple life along with his wife and young son, somewhere in a remote village in Northern Iran. He spends his days working on his goldfish farm. Nearby, a private company with close links to the government and local authorities, has taken control of nearly every aspect of regional life. Its shareholders, accumulating wealth, power and economic influence, have been pushing local farmers and small owners to sell off their belongings, farms and estates, to the benefit of the Company’s influential network and its monopoly. It is under their pressure that many villagers have themselves become local links in the larger network of corruption.

COSTA BRAVA, LEBANON, A Film by Mounia Akl
Opens July 15 at the Quad Cinema in NY and July 22 at the Laemmle Monica in LA ( )
Get more info here:
Enjoy the trailer here:
Description:  Kino Lorber presents A keen and darkly comic commentary on Lebanon’s waste crisis and unsettled political landscape,  Costa Brava, Lebanon captures the joys and frustrations of a close-knit family with an intimacy that feels startlingly natural, and sets them against a sharply drawn backdrop of environmental crisis. In the not-so-distant future, the free-spirited Badri family have escaped the toxic pollution and social unrest of Beirut by seeking refuge in an idyllic mountain home. Without warning, the government starts to build a garbage landfill right outside their fence, intruding on their domestic utopia and bringing the trash and corruption of a whole country to their doorstep. As the landfill rises, so does tension in the household, revealing a long-simmering division between those family members who wish to defend or abandon the mountain oasis they have built.   Starring Nadine Labaki & Saleh Bakri.

Opening June 24 in select theaters, including the Laemmle Theaters ( )
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Description: Thought provoking drama in a directorial debut!  Amidst a worldwide pandemic that causes sudden amnesia, middle-aged Aris (Aris Servetalis) finds himself enrolled in a recovery program designed to help unclaimed patients build new identities. Prescribed daily tasks on cassette tapes so he can create new memories and document them on camera, Aris slides back into ordinary life, meeting Anna (Sofia Georgovasili), a woman who is also in recovery.  Through images deadpan, strange and surreal, Greek writer-director Christos Nikou posits a beguiling reflection on memory, identity, and loss, exploring how a society might handle an irreversible epidemic through one man’s story of self-discovery.

William Klein’s THE FRENCH
Opens at Metrograph, NY, May 20, National Rollout to Follow + Available on Metrograph At Home
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Description: A Riveting Behind-the-Scenes Portrait of the 1981 French Open.  Metrograph Pictures presents William Klein’s The French, one of the great documentaries on the spectacle of sport and a truly intimate look at the human beings behind the tennis legends. Featuring John McEnroe, Chris Evert, Yannick Noah, Arthur Ashe, Martina Navratilova, Ilie Năstase, and Björn Borg.  Presented by Wes Anderson.For two weeks a year, the world looks to Paris as the titans of tennis come together to play at the Roland Garros Tournament, better known as The French Open or simply, The French. In 1981, Klein and three camera crews were given exclusive, unprecedented access to the tournament for the first time in its 90-year history, and using that doorway into locker rooms, TV studios, and players’ boxes, he shot the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the 1981 French Open—a crucial moment in a crucial year in the history of a game, and its iconic players Björn Borg, John McEnroe, Chris Evert, Yannick Noah, and Ivan Lendl. 

A Dark, Dark Man
The film will premiere as three one-hour installments beginning July 19, 2022 on MHz Choice’s industry leading SVOD service, available through Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV. Android TV, Samsung TV and Xbox One.
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description:  MHz Choice Announces the Streaming Premiere of An Award-Winning Kazakhstan Film. “Staggeringly controlled, slow-burn scorcher of a crime thriller…brilliant, diamond-hard film noir.” – Variety.  Conceived as a Kazakh version of a French film noir, A Dark, Dark Man starts with the murder of a small boy and is set in a bleak yet artfully framed beautiful landscape – rural and dusty rather than urban and gritty. The protagonist is Bekzat (Daniar Alshinov), a young policeman who is already a jaded and cynical accomplice to the corruption all around him. His slow-motion awakening to confronting the corrupt system is inspired almost against his will by the sudden appearance of an outside journalist, Ariana (Dinara Baktybaeva). Bekzat’s pursuit of the real murderer is flawed and a jagged zigzag towards justice, encountering plenty of blood and wrongdoing along the way.The film does purposely depart from its darker noir tone with an ‘80s-inspired soundtrack and is genuinely funny at times."  Yerzhanov has explained that, “In my films, humor helps to neutralize landmines."

Good Madam
Streaming Exclusively on Shudder (  ) July 14
Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: Shudder Releases a Haunting South African Psychological Horror Film.  Tsidi, a single mother, is forced to move in with her estranged mother Mavis, a live-in domestic worker caring obsessively for her catatonic white ‘Madam’ in an affluent Cape Town suburb. As Tsidi tries to heal her family however, a sinister specter begins to stir.  Good Madam explores the generational trauma inherent to South African culture, sprawling from the past to the present day, with chilling delivery and haunting results. The film was directed by Jenna Cato Bass, and stars Chumisa Cosa, Nosipho Mtebe, and Kamvalethu Jonas Raziya. “THE SCARIEST MOVIE I SAW AT TIFF”—Dread Central

Opening in Live & Virtual Cinemas June 17, 2022; This just In! Filmmaker Phil Wall will participate in Q&As at the Laemmle Monica Film Center following the 5 PM screenings June 17-19 and at the Playhouse following the screening on June 27. His father, film subject Dick Wall, will join him for the Santa Monica screenings, Father's Day included.
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Description: First Run Features presents an uplifting documentary by Phil Wall.  The Book Keepers follows the uplifting journey of a husband who keeps his wife's dream alive by becoming the spokesperson for her book after her death.  Carol Wall's debut memoir – about cancer, friendship, and cultivating an open heart – was a breakout success. But joy turned to tragedy when the breast cancer she wrote about returned, and she died months after its publication. Carol’s husband, Dick, determined to help her life-affirming message find its audience, becomes the book’s unlikely spokesperson and embarks on a nationwide book tour. He’s joined by the couple’s filmmaker son, Phil, who captures his dad’s efforts to ensure her dream lives on. The result is an intimate portrait of love and loss – an ode to the healing power of storytelling.

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Available On VOD July 14 From XYZ Films
Description: A Gripping Romantic Spy Thriller from XYZ FILMS.  Anna is a washed-up intelligence officer whose last mission left seven people dead. Drunk, broke, and alone she is given the chance for one last mission: to seduce and recruit a valuable asset connected to the Saudi Royal Family. As she gets closer and closer to her target, Anna finds she is in over her head and she must decide between accomplishing her mission or finding a way to save herself.

In select North American theaters June 17
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Description: Well go usa presents the long-awaited sequel to hit Korean sci-fi action thriller. In this sequel to the popular Korean sci-fi action thriller THE WITCH: SUBVERSION, the story moves away from a confined secret lab and out into the real world. After a mysterious girl emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the research facility behind the top-secret Witch Program, she is rescued by a pair of civilians who soon realize the girl is both very powerful and in very grave danger. However, as the assassins tasked with locating and silencing the girl move ever closer, the lives of everyone around her fall under increasingly great peril.

Two-for-One Theater Tickets!
Starting June 17, 2022, at Laemmle's NoHo
Special, limited-time promotion: Buy one ticket, get a second one free.
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Description:  Emelie Mahdavian’s sweeping documentary BITTERBRUSH follows Hollyn Patterson and Colie Moline, range riders who are spending their last summer herding cattle in remote Idaho. Totally off the grid with only their dogs as companions, Hollyn and Colie brave inclement weather and perilous work conditions while pondering their futures. A portrait of friendship, life transitions, and the work of two skilled young women in the isolated and beautiful landscape of the American West, BITTERBRUSH is an intimate portrayal of a way of life rarely seen on film.

Screenings on Bloomsday, June 16, 7:30 PM, at Laemmle’s Glendale and Royal Theatres.
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Description:  On Bloomsday, June 16th, one hundred years after James Joyce’s epic novel Ulysses was first published, Laemmle Theaters joins the worldwide literary celebration by reviving the acclaimed documentary In Bed With Ulysses.  The film presents extraordinary passages from Ulysses that are showcases of erotic prose, indictments of prejudice, pleas for peace and human rights, and tours de force of language which seem to have almost no other purpose but to explore how eloquent and evocative words can be.  Most of all, the novel and this film are about love: Protagonist Leopold Bloom’s enduring love for his unfaithful wife Molly, and hers for him, her lonely Poldy.

MAD GOD premieres exclusively on the Shudder streaming service ( ) June 16.  It also is screening theatrically in New York at the IFC Center, and will open 6/16/22 in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Theaters ( ), with a national rollout to follow.   
Enjoy the trailer here: ;   Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:
Description: Phil Tippett’s Nightmarish Award-Winning Stop-Motion Masterpiece.  Directed by the Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning Creative Mind Behind the Visual Effects of ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS, JURASSIC PARK, and More! Mad God is an experimental animated film set in a world of monsters, mad scientists and war pigs. A corroded diving bell descends amidst a ruined city, settling down upon an ominous fortress guarded by zombie-like sentries. The Assassin emerges to explore a labyrinth of bizarre, desolate landscapes inhabited by freakish denizens. Through unexpected twists and turns, he experiences an evolution beyond his wildest comprehension. A labour of love that has taken 30 years to complete, Mad God combines live-action and stop-motion, miniature sets and other innovative techniques to bring Tippett's wholly unique and grotesquely beautiful vision to life. 

OFFICIAL COMPETITION is only in theatres, June 17, 2022, including the Laemmle Theaters ( )
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Description:  Pénelope Cruz & Antonio Banderas in a new comedy from IFC Films. When a billionaire entrepreneur impulsively decides to create an iconic movie, he demands the best. Renowned filmmaker Lola Cuevas (Penélope Cruz) is recruited to mastermind this ambitious endeavor. Completing the all-star team are two actors with enormous talent but even bigger egos: Hollywood heartthrob Félix Rivero (Antonio Banderas) and radical theater actor Iván Torres (Oscar Martínez). Both are legends, but not exactly best friends. Through a series of increasingly eccentric trials set by Lola, Félix and Iván must confront not only each other, but also their own legacies. Who will be left when the cameras finally start rolling?  Directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, stars Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, and Oscar Martínez.

Opens in theaters June 17, including the Laemmle Theaters ( )
Get more info, from the Focus Features website, here:
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Description: Focus features presents the hilarious and original mockumentary, much loved at Sundance!  BRIAN AND CHARLES follows Brian, a lonely inventor in rural Wales, who spends his days building quirky, unconventional contraptions that seldom work. Undeterred by his lack of success, Brian attempts his biggest project yet. Three days, a washing machine, and various spare parts later, he’s invented Charles, an artificially intelligent robot who learns English from a dictionary and has an obsession with cabbages. What follows is a humorous and entirely heartwarming story about loneliness, friendship, family, finding love, and letting go.

THE VISITOR (El visitante)
Will Premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Festival in the International Narrative Competition, June 8—19 ;
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Description:  The fourth narrative feature from accomplished Bolivian filmmaker Martín Boulocq (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MY BEST YEARS, EUGENIA), is an introspective look at family relationships, class disparity, and the increasingly-dominant presence of Evangelism in Bolivia. THE VISITOR tells the story of Humberto (in an impressive performance by newcomer Enrique Aráoz), an ex-convict who makes a modest living by singing at wakes. Humberto’s greatest desire is to rebuild his relationship with his estranged daughter and provide her with a decent life, but the grandparents of the child—wealthy Evangelical pastors—are not willing to give up custody of their only granddaughter. Financially and ideologically bullied into a corner, Humberto is forced to face his own demons while simultaneously fighting a powerful ecclesiastical institution to which he once belonged.

Queen of Glory
Opens in Theaters on 7/15
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Description: a Charming, Modern Take on the Classic NYC Immigrant's Tale! Brainy scientist Sarah Obeng (Nana Mensah, Netflix’s “The Chair“), a doctoral student at Columbia University, is weeks away from following her very married boyfriend to Ohio when her mother dies suddenly. Her inheritance? A small, but beloved, Christian bookstore in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx where she was raised in the tight-knit Ghanian immigrant community. Tasked with planning a culturally respectful funeral befitting the family matriarch, Sarah must juggle the expectations of her loving yet demanding family while navigating the reappearance of her estranged father all while grappling with what to do with the bookstore. Aided by an only-in-New York ensemble of Eastern European neighbors, feisty African aunties and a no-nonsense ex-con co-worker, Sarah faces her new responsibilities while figuring out how to remain true to herself.

Releases Friday, July 8th in NY (Metrograph), and Friday, July 15th in LA (Laemmle Theatres- ) with rollout to select cities.
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Description: Kino Lorber presents the Caméra d'Or for best first feature film at the Cannes Film Festival. The riveting coming-of-age debut feature by Croatian writer & director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović. On a remote island along Croatia’s Adriatic coast, 17-year-old Julija spends her days diving for eel with her domineering father Ante and watching other teens party on a nearby yacht. Julija bristles at Ante’s heavy handed cruelty and resents her mother Nela’s passivity. She longs for independence but is unsure how to achieve it, until the arrival of the rich and mysterious Javier seems to offer a way out. Equal parts fiery feminist outcry and stirring coming-of-age drama, the film announces director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović as a major new talent in world cinema.

Debuting exclusively on the martial arts streaming service Hi-YAH! ( on June 17, before hitting Digital July 26.
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Description:  PAID IN BLOOD “pays homage to the Korean crime thrillers of the two previous decades” as well as to yakuza films. When a powerful crime ring begins construction on the largest casino in all of Asia, the group is challenged by a vicious young gangster from Seoul who is more than eager to kill his way to the top. In a desperate attempt to stop the newcomer, the gang’s leader declares all-out war on the man and his followers.

On the 3rd Day
Streaming info here:
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Description: new, on the horror streaming site… shudder.  Cecilia and her son Martín have a car accident. On the third day after the crash, she wanders by herself on a lonely route and there is no clue of her son. She can't remember what happened during this time and she is desperately looking for her son. On her quest she finds coincidences with her case and other police files, which seem to be acts of a brutal hunting. The circles goes round and Cecilia will end up facing a religious man, who is the responsible of this slaughter. For her, he is a lunatic. For him, Cecilia is the enemy.  Directed by Daniel de la Vega, starring Federico Aimetta and Mariana Anghileri.

Premieres 6/10/22 at NYC’s Quad Cinema, with other releases to follow, including the Laemmle Theaters in LA 6/17/22
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Description: Film movement presents a Darkly Funny Coming-of-Age Tale.  Carrie Lowstein (Madeline Grey DeFreece) and Hannah Rosen (Rachel Sennott, Shiva Baby) have been inseparable for as long as they can remember. When their former Hebrew school classmate, Samantha Goldstein, commits suicide, the two girls go to her funeral as well as the "Teen Talk-back" session designed to be an opportunity for them to understand grief through their faith. But, after an innocent kissing exercise turns Carrie's world inside out, the best friends find themselves distracted by the teenage complications of lust, social status, and wavering faith.

Theatrical prmiere on Friday, 6/3, at NYC'S FILM FORUM with additional theaters to follow.
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Description:  There's no point burying the lead — Miracle (or Miracol), the new film from Bogdan George Apetri, is a masterpiece, what Owen Gleiberman of Variety called "one of the best films I've seen at the Venice Film Festival."  When a novice -- the young, beautiful Cristina Tofan (Ioana Bugarin) sneaks away from an isolated convent in rural Romania to mysteriously attend to urgent matters, Apetri withholds key information about her motives as we follow her enigmatic journey, allowing tension to steadily build to a wavering precipice. MIRACLE’s second part follows Marius Preda (Emanuel Pârvu), a determined inspector retracing Cristina's steps days after her departure. Here, the narrative opens into both gripping police thriller and devastating social commentary, as Marius gradually uncovers clues and revelations leading not only to the unfathomable truth behind Cristina’s mysterious actions, but possibly, to an actual miracle as well.

Opens Nationwide In Theaters And VOD 6/10
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Description: Shout! Studios Presents The Daring True Story of a San Francisco Legend.  Based on a true story, Mike Colter stars as trucking and construction entrepreneur Charlie Walker. In 1971, two oil tankers violently collided off the San Francisco Coast spilling millions of gallons of crude oil creating an environmental disaster.  Against all odds, Charlie was able to secure one of the most lucrative contracts to clean the coastline that threatened much of the San Francisco Bay. With only three trucks, an incredible work ethic and a whole lot of heart, the film recounts the racial discrimination Walker endured as he tries to save the coastline all while fighting institutional racism from the very company that hired him in the first place.

Bans off our Bodies! The War on Women’s Reproductive Freedom
A Free Q&A and online screening!  Activist Heather Booth in zoom conversation with NCJW's Sheila Katz
Sunday, June 12, 2022, 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT, a Zoom Webinar
Q&A Panel Discussion with:
HEATHER BOOTH, Activist and Founder of the Jane Collective
LILLY RIVLIN, Filmmaker of "Heather Booth: Changing Lives"
SHEILA KATZ, Moderator and CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women
STREAM three films for free (June 6 - 13) by registering here (  ) then join the Q&A on zoom on June 12. You will automatically be registered on zoom for the webinar by reserving your ticket here to watch the films: Heather Booth: Changing Lives, Jane: An Abortion Service, and Abortion Helpline: My Name is Lisa.
Get more info at:
Description: LA Jewish Film Festival in partnership with National Council of Jewish Women and Women Make Movies presents…a critical in-depth conversation about Jewish values and the war on women's reproductive freedom and the recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Tune in to watch Sheila Katz, CEO of National Council of Jewish Women moderate the Q&A with activist Heather Booth, Founder of the JANE Abortion Collective, and Lilly Rivlin, director of the film, "Heather Booth: Changing Lives. "   Read about Heather here:   . View the trailer to Heather Booth: Changing Lives here:

Opens in Los Angeles at Laemmle Monica, as well as in Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Santa Barbara and other cities on July 22. VOD release date - July 29, 2022.
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description:  Gina (Sally Phillips) is taken by surprise when for her fiftieth birthday a male sex worker, a gift sent by her girlfriends, offers to do anything she wants. She asks him to do for her what no one else will – she has him clean her house. Only later does Gina realize he is from a removals business she was involved with liquidating. Amused and delighted, her friends wish for a sexy cleaner themselves, sparking a new career for Gina who decides to employ the entire male removals team as house cleaners. Written and Directed by Renée Webster, starring Sally Phillips.

Premieres at the 2022 Brooklyn Film Festival, June 3 – 12; Online: Friday, June 3 to Sunday, June 12; In Person: Saturday, June 4, 8pm at Windmill Studios (more info at:  ) ;
Enjoy the KPFK Film Club Review here:
Description:  A Gripping Portrayal of the Creative Process and the Lengths One’s Willing to Go for their Art.  Based on the novel Mountain Range by Daniel Galera, Welcome, Violeta! stars renowned Argentine actor Darío Grandinetti (Talk to Her; Rojo) as Holden, the charismatic leader of a writing residency set deep in the towering Argentine Andes mountain range. The film tells the story of Ana (played by Brazilian actress Débora Falabella), a young woman eager to complete her novella Violeta at the well-known “End of the World” literary laboratory. Over the course of her stay at the remote residence, Ana becomes more and more familiar with Holden’s idiosyncratic methods that require the participating artists to abandon their own identities and live emotionally and psychologically as their characters. Captivated by her artistic investigation, Ana immerses herself wholly into the method and starts living as Violeta, until her fiction loses control.

SUNKEN ROADS: Three Generations After D-Day
Streaming on Apple TV, iTunes & Vimeo On Demand plus DVD & Blu Ray availability begins May 30, 2022
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Description: First Run Features presents an "Extraordinary" (Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC) film!  Don McCarthy was 20 years old on D-Day, when his infantry division landed on Omaha Beach. Don and the other veterans who survived D-Day will someday soon have passed into memory and legend. This realization inspires 20-year-old filmmaker Charlotte Juergens to join Don and seven other D-Day vets on a journey to France – a commemorative pilgrimage to Omaha Beach for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. The vets come to see Charlotte as a granddaughter, trusting her with their stories as they confront the trauma that still haunts them 70 years after the war. In capturing their lives, Sunken Roads offers an intergenerational perspective on D-Day, presenting the memories of 90-year-old combat veterans through the eyes of a 20-year-old woman.

In Theaters June 3, 2022 via Roadside Attractions
Get more info from Roadside Attractions:     
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Description: The TIFF Favorite From The Legendary Terence Davies! BENEDICTION explores the turbulent life of WWI poet Siegfried Sassoon (Jack Lowden). The writer and soldier was a complex man who survived the horrors of fighting in the First World War and was decorated for his bravery but who became a vocal critic of the government’s continuation of the war when he returned from service. His poetry was inspired by his experiences on the Western Front, and he became one of the leading war poets of the era. Adored by members of the aristocracy as well as stars of London’s literary and stage world, he embarked on affairs with several men as he attempted to come to terms with his homosexuality. At the same time, broken by the horror of war, he made his life’s journey a quest for salvation, trying to find it within the conformity of marriage and religion.  Written and directed by Terence Davies, starring Jack Lowden, Peter Capaldi, Simon Russell Beale, Jeremy Irvine, Calem Lynch, Tom Blyth, Kate Phillips, Geraldine James, Anton Lesser, Suzanne Bertish, Matthew Tennyson, and Julian Sands.

Opens at the Laemmle Royal on May 27th..
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Description: Big World Pictures is proud to present NURI BILGE CEYLAN’S CANNES PRIZE-WINNING BREAKOUT FILM! A divorced photographer’s life of solitary routine is interrupted when a distant cousin from his remote village comes to stay in his tiny Istanbul apartment, quickly outstaying his welcome. “With its laconic, faintly elliptical narrative style, its subtle, striking compositions, and its superb performances, the film has much to say both about masculinity and about modern life in the Western(ized) world... A droll wit ensures that its none too rosy take on friendship and fulfilment never feels forced or oppressive.

Opening June 3rd at the Laemmle Royal Theatre in Los Angeles
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Description: Strand releasing presents a witty examination of starting out in the world, defining who you are and, most importantly, what you want to be.  Sophie (Forestier) is a graphic artist trying to make ends meet in Paris. She just missed out on art school, so she has decided to try to create her own career. To pay her way, she takes a job as a waitress and shares a flat with a student. She hangs out regularly with Julia (Laetitia Dosch, Jeunne Femme), her fun-loving friend. And she drifts between a number of lovers. But Sophie is looking for something else – a balance between life and love. And work. In her first film, artist and comic book author Antico gives us a very modern portrait of twentysomething life, which may or may not be loosely inspired by her own. A Film By Nine Antico.

Opens June 3 at the Quad and BAM in NYC with National Rollout to Follow, Including the Laemmle Theaters in LA on June 10
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Description: Kino Lorber presents a Visionary Afro-Futurist Musical.  Multi-hyphenate, multidisciplinary artist Saul Williams brings his unique dynamism to this Afrofuturist vision, a sci-fi punk musical that’s a visually wondrous amalgamation of themes, ideas, and songs that Williams has explored in his work, notably his 2016 album MartyrLoserKing. Co-directed with his partner, the Rwandan-born artist and cinematographer Anisia Uzeyman, the film takes place in the hilltops of Burundi, where a group of escaped coltan miners form an anti-colonialist computer hacker collective. From their camp in an otherworldly e-waste dump, they attempt a takeover of the authoritarian regime exploiting the region's natural resources – and its people. When an intersex runaway and an escaped coltan miner find each other through cosmic forces, their connection sparks glitches within the greater divine circuitry. Set between states of being – past and present, dream and waking life, colonized and free, male and female, memory and prescience – Neptune Frost is an invigorating and empowering direct download to the cerebral cortex and a call to reclaim technology for progressive political ends.

In Theaters June 3
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Description: A Sundance-premiering family sci-fi adventure from well go usa!  Vietnam's first-ever children's sci-fi feature, is based on a beloved 1970s Czechoslovakian television series that became a cultural sensation in Vietnam throughout the 1980s and ‘90s.  After losing his mother, a grieving boy discovers a crashed spaceship and makes a new friend with awesome powers (though she does need a little help with her earthly social skills). Together, they embark on a zany, fun-filled adventure while taking on the bad guys and helping Maika find her way home.

Hits US Theaters in New York and L.A. (including the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Los Angeles), June 3rd, with Wider Rollout to Follow
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Description:  VISIONARY DIRECTOR Bertrand Mandico's Award-Winning Queer Sci-Fi Fantasy, from Altered Innocence.  In a faraway future, on a wild and untamed female inhabited planet called After Blue, a lonely teenager named Roxy unknowingly releases a mystical, dangerous, and sensual assassin from her prison. Roxy and her mother Zora (Elina Löwensohn) are held accountable, banished from their community, and forced to track the murderer named Kate Bush down.  Haunted by the spirits of her murdered friends, Roxy starts a long journey pacing the supernatural territories of this filthy paradise. The newest vision from Bertrand Mandico (The Wild Boys) plays like a lesbian El Topo (in space!) with stunning 35mm in-camera practical effects, otherworldly set pieces, and a dazzling score by Pierre Desprats. Stars Elina Löwensohn (KNIFE+HEART, LET THE CORPSES TAN, NADJA, SCHINDLER'S LIST, SIMPLE MEN), Vimala Pons (ELLE), Agata Buzek (REDEMPTION), and Paula Luna

60th Anniversary Screening in Tribute to Sidney Poitier w/Actor Barry Gordon
Wednesday, June 22 at 7 PM, Laemmle’s Royal Theatre, Actor Barry Gordon in Person
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Description:  The film is based on a real psychiatric case about a doctor who tried to fathom the reasons for the racial prejudices of a belligerent patient. As he probes the character’s past, he discovers some of the reasons for the convict’s poisonous ideas but is unable to “cure” him of his antisocial attitudes.  It was the film’s producer, Stanley Kramer (THE DEFIANT ONES, JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER), who suggested altering the real case by making the psychiatrist a Black man. Both Poitier and Darin contribute outstanding performances. The script by director Hubert Cornfield and S. Lee Pogostin incisively scrutinizes the psychological roots of race prejudice and fascism. A film exposing the poison of white supremacy remains just as timely today as it was in 1962.

Cocoon (2021)
Get more info from the Film Movement website here:
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Description:  IN THE SUMMER STREETS OF BERLIN, A YOUNG GIRL DISCOVERS FIRST LOVE IN LEONIE KRIPPENDORF’S  TENDER, LGBTQ COMING-OF-AGE DRAMA.  In the multicultural microcosm of her noisy Berlin neighborhood, there are many firsts for 14-year-old Nora (Lena Urzendowsky) during one particularly hot summer. She gets her period, smokes marijuana, discovers her love for other girls and meets the wild Romy (Jella Haase). With her, the noisy area of Kreuzberg suddenly seems endlessly large and full of hidden beauty.  While the heat sticks to her skin, Nora loses her heart to her wild new friend and learns to stand up for herself. And when summer ends, as she makes her way into adulthood, things will never be the same again for Nora in this tender drama nominated for a Generation14 Plus Crystal Bear and Teddy for Best Feature Film at the 2020 Berlinale.

Opens theatrically at the Quad in New York on Friday, June 24, before expanding to more cities nationwide, including Los Angeles on Friday, July 8, at the Laemmle Royal ( )
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: Kino Lorber presents a Powerful Portrait of A Teenage Ukrainian Gymnast In Exile. Olga is a talented teenage Ukrainian gymnast exiled in Switzerland, dreaming of Olympic gold and trying to fit in with her new team in her new home. As she prepares for the European Championships, the Ukrainian people back home in Kyiv rise up in what has become known as the Maidan Revolution, suddenly involving everyone she cares about. Olga is left a powerless, distant bystander as her mother, an investigative journalist, faces danger as she challenges the brutal Yanukovich regime. Incorporating documentary footage from the 2013 uprising, Olga is a tense, sensitively handled tale of exile reflecting the clash between the personal and the political in a young woman’s search for identity. From writer/director Elie Grappe, starring Anastasiia Budiashkina.  Winner: SACD Prize, Cannes Semaine de la Critique 2021

Fanny: The Right to Rock
Opening at NY’s Quad Cinema 5/27/22, with additional theaters to follow, including The Landmark Westwood in LA the Regal Westpark in Irvine, 6/3/2022
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FIRST ALL-FEMALE ROCK BAND, from Film Movement!!!  Sometime in the 1960s, in sunny Sacramento, two Filipina-American sisters got together with other teenage girls to play music. Little did they know their garage band would morph into the legendary and ferocious rock group Fanny, one of the very first all-women bands to sign with a major record label. Yet, despite releasing 5 critically-acclaimed albums over 5 years, touring with famed bands from SLADE to CHICAGO and amassing a dedicated fan base of music legends including David Bowie, Fanny's groundbreaking impact in music was written out of history…until now, with the feature-length documentary, FANNY: THE RIGHT TO ROCK.  Join those in the know—Fanny are FABULOUS ROCKERS.  Just look here for proof:

Opens theatrically at Film Forum in New York on Friday, May 20, before expanding to more cities nationwide, including Los Angeles on Friday, May 27, at the Laemmle Royal & Laemmle Town Center.
Get more info at the Kino Lorber website:
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Description:  In northern India, a breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan community attracts tourists by commingling South Asian and Swiss Alps aesthetics. Debut filmmaker Ajitpal Singh tells an unconventional story of feminist strength while “accentuating the [region’s] spectacular exteriors and wide-canvas nature shots” (Variety). One local woman competes with her neighbors for business while battling the strictures of patriarchy, a local infrastructure from hell, and religious superstitions. She saves money, uses feminine wiles to subvert the corrupt powers-that-be, and piggy-backs her son up and down the mountainside to medical appointments with condescending doctors. In the end, our heroine’s tightly wound grit must find release… in triumph, or madness, or both.  From debut director Ajitpal Singh.

Opens theatrically at the Village East by Angelika in New York on May 13, and at Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles on May 20th, with other cities to follow.
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Description:  Jonathan Agassi was one of the most successful gay porn stars in the world.  His rise to fame was stratospheric and revolutionized the industry.  He built his fame and success on what is considered a global taboo, but in fact pleases millions.  Filmed over eight years, the documentary follows Jonathan Agassi from his native Tel Aviv to Berlin, documenting his ascent to the top of the gay porn industry, as well as his struggles with drug addiction and depression. At times deeply disturbing but darkly funny, JONATHAN AGASSI SAVED MY LIFE offers a rare and intimate look at the world of gay porn and escorting, and presents a unique relationship between a mother and son who courageously redefine familiar family concepts. Winner of the Ophir Prize (Israeli Oscar) for Best Documentary.

In Theaters and Available on Digital and On Demand 6/17
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Description: A crime thriller from Paramount Pictures and Saban Films! When a master thief is sabotaged during a bank heist and left for dead, he seeks revenge on his former crew one target at a time. Now, with the cops and the mob closing in, he's in the race of his life to reclaim an untold fortune in cryptocurrency from those who double-crossed him. UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture stars in this nail-bitingly tense and action-packed thriller. Stars Randy Couture, Louis Mandylor, Chris Maher, Benjamin Abiola, Michele Plaia, Texas Battle and Cam Gigandet.

Releasing July 8 in Theaters & VOD
Stay tuned for more info!  Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: The Road to Galena follows one man’s pursuit of personal fulfillment over traditional success. Cole Baird (Ben Winchell) has everything – a beautiful wife, successful career, large home and fancy toys. Behind the facade, however, is a man trapped by his surroundings and falling ever behind in the pursuit of his life’s dream.  Not strong enough to confront his father’s expectations, he left his true love, his best friend and a fulfilling small-town life to embark on a legal career – intent, one day, to return. Now the rising star in Washington social circles and the youngest managing partner in the history of a powerhouse D.C. law firm, Cole is given the choice to continue the path of success in a life to which he never aspired or to return to the community that nurtured him.  Written & directed by Joe Hall.

Writer/Director Alessandro Celli'sThrilling Post-Apocalyptic Debut Opens on Friday, May 20 in New York (Angelika Film Center) and Los Angeles (Landmark Westwood) before expanding theatrically nationwide.
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Description: Kino Lorber is pleased to present a thrilling dystopian vision. In the not-too-distant future on Italy’s southern coast, the city of Taranto has become a toxic wasteland ruled by warring gangs and surrounded by barbed wire.  Best friends Pietro and Cristian dream of escaping their hardscrabble existence for a better life in nearby New Taranto. Opportunity knocks when Hothead, the charismatic and dangerous leader of a local gang called the Ants, recruits the two boys and gives them everything they fantasized about: money in their pockets, a family, and a father figure. The friendship begins to splinter as Cristian displays a surprising talent for mayhem, a new female friend pushes them further apart, an obsessed cop hounds the gang, and Hothead becomes increasingly unhinged. Recalling everything from Mad Max to Lord of the Flies to City of God, director Alessandro Celli’s thrilling feature debut stars Dennis Protopapa, Giuliano Soprano, Alessandro Borghi, Barbara Ronchi, and Ludovica Nasti.

Cine Nueva Onda
May 6th-13th, 2022.  Info and FREE Access available here:
Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles (LACLA), in association with the Hola Mexico Film Festival’s Description: A Free showcase of young & experimental Latin narratives from up-and-coming So Cal filmmakers.  Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today initiative, presents Fantasías y Sueños (Fantasies and Dreams), two amazing one-hour long programs offering a glimpse into today’s zeitgeist, where fresh, authentic voices reflect on what's going on and the world they would love to see.
Señora Genovese--After watching an infomercial about traveling, an old woman decides to escape from the retirement home to make her dreams come true.
The Burning Plain--An incarcerated firefighter struggles to find emotional stability as he relives searing memories of his traumatic past.
Modernica--An introspective musical journey into the emotional mind of Felipe.
Ke Petiu Hein+? --A tender exploration of the relationship the Wirarika community, an indigenous community living in Mexico's Sierra Occidental, has to the act of dreaming.
Preggers--After Isabella’s encounter with a curandera, she takes a pregnancy test and decides to have an abortion. Her boyfriend Carlos berates her for it but once he is confronted by children in a nightmare, he finally understands his partner's decision.
Güero y Prieto--A young, newly Mexican immigrant in Miami is in for a rude awakening when he finds himself with no money and no support from his family back home, until he meets an undocumented young man who offers him the possibility to start a new life away from his chaotic family.
Yoruga--A lonely old man pays a visit to Yoruga, one of the last animals on Earth.
El Triste--On the backstage of a show, El Triste, an old used ragdoll-like marionette, decides to prove to himself and his fellow puppets that he is valuable and worthy of admiration.
The Little Thief--After stealing a bean from a local market, a young boy experiences guilt for the first time.
Soul and Life--Mischievous bandits come to grips with their future lives while on the run from the police, clashing over the meaning of love, wealth, and revenge.
Evaporated--A young man falls in love with his best friend’s mom, setting the limit of his friendship.
In Case I'm next--A gut-wrenching manifesto responding to decades of systemic attacks on Black lives in the name of law and order.

Screens In theaters and On VOD May 13th
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Description: Vertical Entertainment presents an indie comedy starring Christopher Lloyd, Richard Kind, Tara Holt & Stephen Friedrich. Inspired by the writers’ own experiences in the theater world, the film meets a thespian couple Tucker Charlemagne (Friedrich) and Sandrene St. Jean (Holt) as they are kicked out of the avant-garde acting scene in New York by their long-time guru, Buford Slezinger (Lloyd), forcing them to venture back to Sandrene’s hometown of Fargo, North Dakota to start a new theatre company and win a residency at the historic Fargo Theatre. Upon arrival, they discover that Fargo already has a theater company led by Sandrene’s ruthless former drama teacher Mr. Mortensen (Kind). Through a whirlwind of immersive theater attacks, alleyway sing-offs, sabotage, and TMI cast bonding, Tucker, Sandrene, and the Tankhouse will stop at nothing to win, setting up an epic showdown with Mr. Mortensen’s Red River Players.

Indian Filmmaker Achal Mishra’s THE VILLAGE HOUSE (GAMAK GHAR)
Digital Release in North America on 5/10/22, through Grasshopper Films, in Association with Deaf Crocodile Films & Gratitude Films
Get more info at the film’s Deaf Crocodile website:
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Description: An Award-Winning, lovely, luminous, and gentle portrait of a large extended Indian family over several decades. A large Indian family gathers at their matriarch’s rural home, following the inevitable rhythms of change, children moving away to the city, and the inexorable decay of traditional village life. Like Bergman’s FANNY AND ALEXANDER, THE VILLAGE HOUSE is suffused with warmth and nostalgia, and a remarkable eye for detail: men cheating amiably at cards, vegetables frying in oil, kids and uncles mesmerized by a Salman Khan movie, the ephemeral poetry of the present as it slips away. “Gradually we came down to visiting only once a year,” one character observes sadly as the house falls slowly into disrepair — and as the building ages with the family, THE VILLAGE HOUSE becomes the most intimate of epics, tracing birth, death, and rebirth like a flood leaving its high watermark on the bark of a tree. In Maithili language with English subtitles. Winner Best Director & Best Production Design, FOI Online Awards, India.

ARRAY Hosts A Spring Salute to Sidney Poitier! FREE!
Saturday, May 21, Amanda Cinema (ARRAY’s Creative Campus, 180 Glendale Blvd., LA 90026)
1:00 PM | NO WAY OUT (1950) Directed By Joseph L. Mankiewicz
4:00 PM | PARIS BLUES (1961) Directed By Martin Ritt
PARIS BLUES trailer here:
NO WAY OUT trailer here:
Description: YOU are invited to join ARRAY for a special salute to the extraordinary screen star Mr. Sidney Poitier.  In Sidney Poitier's first feature film NO WAY OUT, a hospital's only Black doctor is assigned to treat two white brothers who have been shot. When one dies on the operating table, it causes tension within the town that could start a race riot. Also starring: Richard Widmark; Linda Darnell; Stephen McNally.  In a potent collision of race, romance and jazz, PARIS BLUES chronicles the passionate relationship of two couples embarking on intellectual and artistic adventures in turbulent times. Also starring: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Diahann Carroll and Louis Armstrong.  In conjunction with this one-day double feature showing, ARRAY’s 101 initiative will debut the newest learning companion for the three-part doc-series THEY’VE GOTTA HAVE US. Engaging audiences with interactive discussions, this event goes beyond the screen to prompt discussions about Mr. Poitier's undeniable legacy as an artist and activist.

OPENS JULY 8, 2022
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Description: Sara (Juliette Binoche) and Jean (Vincent Lindon) have been in a loving and stable relationship for ten years. When they first met, Sara was in a relationship with François (Grégoire Colin), Jean’s best friend. One day, Sara sees François on the street. He does not see her, but she is overwhelmed by a sensation that her life could suddenly change. François does indeed get in touch with Jean to suggest that they work together again. Before long, things are in danger of spiraling out of control. Based on Christine Angot's 2018 novel 'Un tournant de la vie.'  Directed by Claire Denis.

Opens at the Laemmle Glendale Theater Friday, May 6.
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Description: Following in the tradition of Antonioni’s Blowup and Coppola’s The Conversation, director Yann Gozlan — and an excellent cast led by the ever-impeccable Pierre Niney — crafts a taut, suspenseful intrigue, unraveling the events behind a tragic incident in the aeronautics industry. Matthieu, a brilliant young black-box analyst with an extraordinarily acute ear, is charged with investigating a deadly plane crash. Progressively obsessed by inexplicable evidence that doesn’t add up, and spiraling further and further into the realm of paranoia, he gradually loses credibility at the BEA, the bureau that investigates aviation safety in France. So he’s forced to go rogue, risking both his career and his life, but determined to uncover the sordid truth.

Opens theatrically on April 22 in New York and May 6 in Los Angeles (Laemmle Royal and Harkins' Cerritos 16-- ) and San Diego (Landmark Hillcrest and Angelika Carmel Mountain) with a national rollout to follow.
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Description:  Panah Panahi’s Charming Family Road Movie, a Cannes Favorite.  Kino Lorber is pleased to present a touching family drama from Iranian writer/director Panah Panahi. The film was a breakout success at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it received its world premiere in the Directors’ Fortnight, and was featured at the AFI, New York and BFI London (Best Film award) festivals, among others. This charming, sharp-witted and ultimately deeply moving comic drama takes the tradition of the Iranian road-trip movie and adds unexpected twists and turns. Panahi follows a family of four—two middle-aged parents and their two sons, one a taciturn adult, the other an ebullient six-year-old—as they drive across the Iranian countryside. Over the course of the trip, they bond over memories of the past, grapple with fears of an unknown future and fuss over their sick dog. Rather than rely on an episodic structure built around external encounters, Panahi keeps the focus on the psychological dynamics inside the car and at various stops along the way. The result is a film that gradually builds emotional momentum as it reveals the furtive purpose for the family's journey, and dexterously swings from comedy to tragedy en route

Premiering in Theaters and Virtual Cinema on 5/6/22
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Description: A UKRAINIAN SURGEON SEEKS AN ESCAPE FROM THE TRAUMAS OF WAR IN THIS POWERFUL DRAMA. In 2014, Serhiy, a Ukrainian surgeon, enlists to fight Russian military forces in the Donbass region, where he is captured by enemy soldiers. Now a prisoner of war, he witnesses horrifying scenes of humiliation and violence at the hands of the Russian invaders. In addition, his captors co-opt his medical background to dispense mercy killings to the tortured. After his release, he returns to his comfortable middle-class apartment, still suffering from the trauma of his experiences. Looking inward, Serhiy tries to find a purpose in life by rebuilding his relationship with his daughter and ex-wife, learning how to be a human being again through being a father.  REFLECTION is part of Film Movement’s Ukrainian Film Collection, 10% of gross ticket sales will be donated to the Ukraine Crisis Fund, administered by Americares.  

Have a Divergent Summer
Divergent PR's upcoming slate for Summer 2022 looks fabulous!  Stay tuned here as more info becomes available!
OFFICIAL COMPETITION - Opening June 17 in select theaters
When a billionaire entrepreneur impulsively decides to create an iconic movie, he demands the best. Renowned filmmaker Lola Cuevas (Penélope Cruz) is recruited, as are two actors with enormous talent but even bigger egos: Hollywood heartthrob Félix Rivero (Antonio Banderas) and radical theater actor Iván Torres (Oscar Martínez). Who will be left when the cameras finally start rolling?
Trailer:  ;
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APPLES - Opening June 24 in select theaters
Amidst a worldwide pandemic that causes sudden amnesia, middle-aged Aris (Aris Servetalis) finds himself enrolled in a recovery program designed to help unclaimed patients build new identities.  Aris meets Anna (Sofia Georgovasili), a woman who is also in recovery.
BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE - Opening July 8 in select theaters
Sara (Juliette Binoche) and Jean (Vincent Lindon) have been in a loving and stable relationship for ten years. When they first met, Sara was in a relationship with François (Grégoire Collin), Jean’s best friend. One day, Sara sees François on the street. Before long, things are in danger of spiraling out of control.
DREAMING WALLS: INSIDE THE CHELSEA HOTEL - Opening July 8 in select theaters and on demand
The legendary Chelsea Hotel, an icon of 1960s counterculture and a haven for famous artists and intellectuals including Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and the superstars of Warhol's Factory, is under renovation. Soon it will reopen to the public as one of New York's most fashionable luxury hotels. The film takes us through the hotel’s storied halls, exploring its living body and the bohemian origins that contributed to its mythical stature.

Opens at Angelika Film Center in NYC - April 29, and Laemmle Royal in LA - May 6 ( ). A national release will follow.
Get more info at the Zeitgeist website:
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Description:  Narrated by Jeff Goldblum, FIDDLER'S JOURNEY TO THE BIG SCREEN captures the humor and drama of director Norman Jewison's quest to recreate the lost world of Jewish life in Tsarist Russia and re-envision the beloved stage hit as a wide-screen epic. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Daniel Raim puts us in the director's chair and in Jewison's heart and mind, drawing on rare behind-the-scenes footage, original storyboards, and never-before-seen stills as well as original interviews with Norman Jewison, Topol (Tevye), composer John Williams, production designer Robert F. Boyle, film critic Kenneth Turan, lyricist Sheldon Harnick, and actresses Rosalind Harris, Michele Marsh, and Neva Small (Tevye’s daughters). The film explores how the experience of making Fiddler deepens Jewison as an artist and revives his soul.

Streaming & DVD Launch Date: May 3, 2022; streaming on Apple TV, iTunes & Vimeo On Demand
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Description: First Run Features presents Robert Clem's New Music Documentary!  How They Got Over celebrates the spirit of gospel performers and how they helped usher in a musical revolution that changed the world forever! How They Got Over features classic performance footage of the Soul Stirrers, Dixie Hummingbirds, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Blind Boys of Mississippi, Sensational Nightingales, the Davis Sisters and many more. Some of the greatest names in quartet music are interviewed in the film, giving vivid accounts of how they “got over” in their performances: shouting, bending over backwards, dancing, jumping off the stage: what came to be known as “gospel drama” – and a huge influence on future rock 'n' rollers.

THE TSUGUA DIARIES (Diários de Otsoga), by Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes
The Sun-Soaked Meditation on the Torpor of Pandemic Life and the Act of Filmmaking Itself Opens Friday, May 27 at Film at Lincoln Center in New York City, Followed by Select Cities
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Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: A cockeyed and languid celebration of the rigorous process of moviemaking that unfolds, in reverse chronological order, over twenty-two days of pandemic lockdown.  A daily journal that reveals only the leadup but rarely the aftermath, the film begins by surveying the mundane routine tasks of three housemates and close friends (Carloto Cotta, Crista Alfaiate, and João Nunes Monteiro) living in rural tranquility during Portugal’s COVID 19 lockdown: impromptu dance parties, gardening, picking fruit, building a backyard butterfly house. Soon, we discover that there’s more going on beyond the limits of the camera frame as various members of a film crew make themselves visible on-screen.

Get more info here:
Experience the trailer here: :
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Description: UKRAINE’S OFFICIAL 2022 OSCARS® SUBMISSION! An OMNIBUS DRAMA built around four fraught encounters on the Donbass Byways of eastern Ukraine. A man alleging to be a schoolmaster is accosted by the military at a checkpoint. Two teenagers wait for their soldier boyfriends in a dilapidated town square. A journalist is held captive and gets brutally assaulted. A young woman apologizes to an elderly couple for running over their chickens. Featuring four stories set against the backdrop of the Donbass roads during wartime, loomed by disorientation, paranoia, and terror, BAD ROADS, which challenges the very notion of truth, delivers audiences to a bleak Ukraine they’ll not soon forget. Written and directed by Natalya Vorozhbit, starring Igor Koltovskyy, Andrey Lelyukh, Vladimir Gurin, Anna Zhurakovskaya, Yuliya Matrosova, Maryna Klimova, Yuri Kulinich, Zoya Baranovskaya, Oksana Voronina, and Sergei Solovyov. BAD ROADS is part of Film Movement’s UKRAINIAN FILM COLLECTION.  For all screenings, the company is donating 10% of gross ticket sales to the Ukraine Crisis Fund administered by Americares, a BBB-accredited charity with a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.  Additional upcoming films in the UKRAINIAN FILM COLLECTION include Sergei Loznitsa’s acclaimed dark comedy, DONBASS, which opens at New York City’s IFC Center on April 8, the Sundance Award-winning documentary THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE (4/22) and REFLECTION, Valentyn Vasyanovych’s powerful wartime drama (5/6).

Opening in New York, April 15th, Exclusively at Film at Lincoln Center; Opening in Los Angeles April 29
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Description: Oscilloscope Laboratories presents an adventure based on a legendary figure! Luciano (Gabriele Silli) is a wandering outcast in a remote, late 19th-century Italian village.  His life becomes undone by alcohol, forbidden love, and a bitter conflict with the prince of the region over the right of passage through an ancient gateway. When the quarrel escalates, Luciano is exiled to the distant Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego where, with the help of ruthless gold-diggers, he searches for a mythical treasure, paving his way toward redemption. However, in these barren lands, only greed and insanity can prevail. Written and directed by Alessio Rigo de Righi & Matteo Zoppis.

Winner of the Best First Feature Prize at the Berlin Film Festival, the Formally Daring Work Opens Friday, April 29 at Film at Lincoln Center in New York City, Followed by Other Cities
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 KPFK Film Club Review:
Description: Grasshopper Film Announces the Strikingly Evocative Debut Feature from Colombian Director Camilo Restrepo!An oracular and kaleidoscopic debut feature.  A fever-dream of hallucinatory textures and sounds.  Restrepo’s scintillating first feature—set in Medellín, Colombia and freely inspired by a true story—draws on the director’s extensive background in the visual arts and his previous short-film successes to to tell the story of Pinky (newcomer Luis Felipe Lozano in a haunting performance), an ex-cult member who is on the run. Having just freed himself from the grip of a religious sect by assassinating its leader, Pinky finds a place to squat and a job in a counterfeit t-shirt factory. Misled by his own faith, he begins to question everything. But as he tries to put the pieces of his broken life back together, violent memories return to haunt him, and they demand revenge.

World Premieres April 29 In Theaters and Digital and On Demand From Saban Films
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Description: A Tense and Twisted Cult Thriller! Two women are in a desperate attempt to flee the clutches of Skylight, an insidious cult. Trapped at Skylight’s isolated desert campus, The Aviary, Jillian (Akerman), and Blair (Izzo) join forces to make a treacherous escape. Alone in the harsh wilderness, they are consumed by paranoia and unable to shake the feeling that they are being followed by the cult's leader, Seth (Messina), a man as seductive as he is controlling. With supplies dwindling and their senses failing, Jillian and Blair are faced with a horrifying question: how do you run from an enemy who lives inside your head?  Starring Malin Akerman (Dollface, WATCHMEN), Lorenza Izzo (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, KNOCK KNOCK), and Chris Messina (I CARE A LOT, The Mindy Project) .Written/directed by Chris Cullari & Jennifer Raite and from the producers of explosive horror hits GET OUT, THE INVISIBLE MAN, and more!.

Los Angeles Theatrical Premiere on April 29 at the Laemmle Glendale, and soon will be in a dozen cities and counting. Held over at New York's Film Forum for a second week, started at the Austin Film Society last night.
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Description: “BEFORE QUADROPHENIA, BEFORE THE JAM, BEFORE THE SEX PISTOLS, THERE WAS BRONCO BULLFROG.” —SASHA FRERE-JONES, OBSERVER.  Seventeen-year-old Del, with no money and nowhere to go, breaks into train cars with his cool, fresh-out-of-Borstal (reform school) pal Bronco Bullfrog. But one day he meets the lovely Irene, and despite an earful from his dad (and her mum), the two young lovers run away together… but to where?

MUBI presents Franz Rogowski: The Man of the Hour—five films
Check it all out at!
A celebration of the acclaimed actor! Franz Rogowksi has steadily solidified his place as the most exciting European actor of his generation. In anticipation of the May 6 streaming premiere of his latest triumph, Great Freedom (A MUBI Release), this month kicks off an ongoing series that showcases the incredible range of this transformative performer.
LUZIFER, APRIL 25--Johannes (Rogowski), a man with the heart of a child, lives a secluded life with his mother dominated by religious fervor, whose idyllic world is turned upside down when a developer begins buying up the land around them, unleashing hellish consequences.
IN THE AISLES, APRIL 28--The reclusive Christian (Rogowski) takes a job working the night shift at a big box store, when he becomes enamored by his charming but mysterious co-worker Marion (Sandra Hüller, Toni Erdmann). But Marion has secrets of her own.
TRANSIT, APRIL 30--Paris is invaded by foreign troops, German refugee Georg flees to Marseille assuming the identity of a deceased writer. There he delves into the delicate culture of the refugee community, becomes involved in the lives of a mother and son, and meets the writer’s enigmatic wife Marie.
LOVE STEAKS, MAY 2,--The first example of FOGMA, a German take on mumblecore pioneered by director Jakob Lass, this unscripted drama blends improvisation, documentation and fiction and finds the actor as an attendant in a luxury wellness hotel whose relationship with a cook threatens to spiral out of control.
GREAT FREEDOM, MAY 6--In Germany after WWII, the liberation by the Allies did not mean freedom for everyone. Hans (Rogowski) has been found guilty of something the government deems a crime: he is gay.

Enjoy the trailer here:
Description: Hillbilly Senseis and Deadly Flying Feet…a High-Octane Ode to 80's B-Flicks.  Kill Bad Guys.  Save Hot Babes.  Eat China Buffet.  And strap in for a non-stop, high-octane ode to 80’s B-flicks following one hillbilly ninja’s mission to save the world! The Ninja VIP Super Club is doing a slow drag across the American Midwest, culminating in female sacrifice. When they kidnap a super-hot babe that local scumbag, Rex, has his eyes on – it’s up to him to become a ninja and steal her back! From exploding cows to bazooka cops, badass ball rippers and an over-the-top ninja villain in cowboy boots with an appetite for everything that’s soft and fuzzy – along with the original song “I’m a Ninja Now” from Vince Johnson, the singer-songwriter behind Joe Exotic’s viral songs such as “I Saw a Tiger” -- this outrageous twist on ‘80s B-ninja flicks is a singular, out-of-body experience moviegoers won’t soon forget!

Opening April 22nd at Laemmle Royal Theatre and other area theatres in Los Angeles
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Description: Strand releasing presents… The incomparable Gong Li (Raise the Red Lantern) gives a mesmerizing, take-no-prisoners performance in Saturday Fiction, a slow-burn spy thriller set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai on the cusp of World War II. She plays acclaimed actress Jean Yu, who has returned to Shanghai from China after a long absence. Jean Yu is in rehearsals for a play to be directed by a former lover (Mark Chao), but she seems to have ulterior motives, functioning as a double agent and gathering intelligence for the Allies, including the fateful realization of Japan’s imminent attack on Pearl Harbor. Shooting in evocative black-and-white, director Lou Ye (Spring Fever, Suzhou River) has created here a gripping thriller that builds to a nerve-wracking climax, and which never loses sight of the human beings caught up in the gears of history.

Lands On VOD From Deaf Crocodile And Grasshopper Films April 19 ( )
A collector's edition BluRay of DELTA SPACE MISSION is currently available through Vinegar Syndrome and OCN Distribution, and can be found here:,on%20her%20with%20disastrous%20results.
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Description:  The first-ever animated film to come out of Romania.  Best described as an early 80s Eastern European space-prog album high on sugary breakfast cereal, Heavy Metal magazine, Hanna-Barbera cartoons and 8-bit arcade games like Galaxian and Asteroids, all of these elements will give you some idea of the otherworldly weirdness of the Romanian animated sci-fi film DELTA SPACE MISSION. In the year 3084, Alma, a Modigliani-esque alien journalist with blue-green skin, boards a state-of-the-art spacecraft named Delta whose highly advanced computer brain develops a mad teenage crush on her with disastrous results.

Premieres Exclusively on Shudder ( ) April 21.  AMC Networks’ Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural.
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Description: The Hotly Anticipated World Premiere Zombie Thriller from Horror Maestro Gustavo Hernandez!  A virus breaks out and a chilling massacre rages through the streets. The sick become hunters, and only calm their fever by unscrupulously killing all those not yet infected. Unaware of this, Iris (Paula Silva, In The Quarry) and her daughter spend the day in the sports club where Iris works as a security guard. When night falls, their fight for survival beings. Their only hope of salvation arrives when they discover that after each attack, the infected seem to stop for 32 seconds of calm before attacking again.

Monday, April 25, 2022, 7:00 PM, Museum of Tolerance, 9786 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Q&A following the screening with Director Daniel Raim, Producer Sasha Berman, Co-Writer Michael Sragow, and actress Michèle Marsh, who played Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof. Moderated by the Director of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, Hilary Helstein. 
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Description:  Narrated by Jeff Goldblum, FIDDLER'S JOURNEY TO THE BIG SCREEN captures the humor and drama of director Norman Jewison's quest to recreate the lost world of Jewish life in Tsarist Russia and re-envision the beloved stage hit as a wide-screen epic. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Daniel Raim puts us in the director's chair and in Jewison's heart and mind, drawing on rare behind-the-scenes footage as well as original interviews with Norman Jewison, Topol (Tevye), composer John Williams, production designer Robert F. Boyle, film critic Kenneth Turan, lyricist Sheldon Harnick, and actresses Rosalind Harris, Michèle Marsh, and Neva Small (Tevye’s daughters).  Presented by Zeitgeist Films and Kino Lorber, Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, and the Museum of Tolerance

Premieres 4/22/22 via Virtual Cinema, VOD, and Digital.  Presented by Film Movement.
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Description: An Unconventional Japanese Triptych -- Equal Parts Thriller, Sex Comedy and Gastronomy.  The lives of a trio of seemingly unconnected lives of three people around Japan and their appetites, both culinary and carnal.  In the first story, designer Enatsu worries about his sexless marriage. Next, office worker Akane is recovering from driving-induced panic attacks. In the final third, elite advertising agent Ikeyama wants to end a relationship with his lover. Connecting all three is a shabby man who calls himself Kurita. He appears and presents each with a secret. Both suspicious and revolting, Kurita gradually reveals to each deep, mouth-watering truths regarding their sexual drive...   Written and directed by Kôta Yoshida, starring Manami Hashimoto, Ryô Ikeda, Mukau Nakamura, and Honami Satô.


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