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    Democracy Now Newsfeed

    • Malcolm X's Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz on Her Father's Legacy & the New Series "Who Killed Malcolm X?"

      Fifty-five years ago today, Malcolm X was assassinated. The civil rights leader was shot to death on February 21, 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. He was only 39 years old. Details of his assassination remain disputed to this day. Earlier this month, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said he was considering reopening the investigation, just days after a new documentary series about the assassination was released on Netflix called "Who Killed Malcolm X?" It makes the case that two of the three men who were convicted for Malcolm X's murder are actually innocent and that his uncaught killers were four members of a Nation of Islam mosque in Newark, New Jersey. We are joined by Ilyasah Shabazz, one of six daughters of Malcolm X, who was just 2 years old when her father was assassinated in front of her, her siblings and her mother. We also speak with award-winning author Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, independent scholar, historian, journalist, writer and activist, who is widely regarded as one of the most respected authorities on the life and legacy of Malcolm X and is featured in the new documentary series, and Shayla Harris, a producer for the series and an award-winning filmmaker and journalist.

    • Headlines for February 21, 2020

      Roger Stone Sentenced to 40-Month Prison Term, Trump Lashed at Intel Chief over Warning of Russian Meddling in 2020 Election, Germany Mourns Victims of Right-Wing Terror Attacks, Suspect Arrested in Stabbing at London Mosque, U.K. to Close Borders to "Unskilled" and Non-English-Speaking Immigrants, Protests Erupt as Acting ICE Director Challenges New York Pro-Immigrant Laws, Mexican Radio Journalist Murdered in Ciudad Juárez, February Flowers Bloom in Moscow Amid Record-High Winter Temperatures, 28 Arrested in Seattle Protesting Chase Bank Fossil Fuel Ties, Rail Blockades Continue as Protests Grow Against Coastal GasLink Pipeline, South Korea Reports First Two Coronavirus Deaths, Report: 20 Million Americans Used Crowdfunding to Pay Medical Expenses, California Apologizes for WWII-Era Incarceration of Japanese Americans

    • Bernie Sanders Says "Will of the People" Should Decide Democratic Nomination, Not Party Insiders

      As the primary season heads into the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, we unpack the ninth Democratic presidential debate in a roundtable on the tensions at work on the Las Vegas debate stage. Senator Bernie Sanders, currently the front-runner in the race, said the candidate with the most delegates should become the nominee; all his rivals on stage suggested they would be open to a brokered convention, with superdelegates and other party insiders potentially deciding the nomination. We continue our discussion with Katrina vanden Heuvel, editorial director and publisher of The Nation; Raquel Willis, journalist, activist and executive editor of Out magazine; Ana María Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy; and Annise Parker, former mayor of Houston and president of the Victory Fund.

    • Mayor Pete Attacked by Rush Limbaugh Amid Debate over Whether He Is an LGBTQ Trailblazer

      Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, just awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Donald Trump, has attacked former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg in recent days as a "37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband onstage," suggesting the Democrat would look weak next to Trump, whom he described as "Mr. Man." Buttigieg condemned the radio host's homophobic comments, saying he would take no lessons on family values from Limbaugh or Trump. "One thing about my marriage is it's never involved me having to send hush money to a porn star after cheating on my spouse," Buttigieg told CNN's Erin Burnett this week. Buttigieg is the first openly gay candidate ever to win delegates in a presidential nominating contest, but his candidacy has been criticized by many progressive LGBTQ Democrats who say his centrist politics do not reflect the needs of the queer community. We continue our roundtable discussion on Wednesday's Democratic debate in Nevada. Our guests are Katrina vanden Heuvel, editorial director and publisher of The Nation, America's oldest weekly magazine, and a columnist for; journalist and activist Raquel Willis, executive editor of Out magazine, who has endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren for president; Ana María Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, a progressive advocacy group that has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders; Annise Parker, the former mayor of Houston, now president of the Victory Fund, which works to increase the number of openly LGBTQ officials in government and has endorsed Pete Buttigieg for president.

    Background Briefing with Ian Masters

    • February 20, 2020 - Robert Baer | Lawrence Korb | Henry Pontell

      The New DNI Will Cover Up Russian Election Interference; Roger Stone Gets 40 Months as Trump's Pardon Awaits; Trump Fires a Top Pentagon Official for Speaking Truth

    • February 19, 2020 - Mike Harris | William Black | Perry Link

      Trump Offered Assange a Pardon to Say Russia Did Not Hack the DNC; The Message Trump Sends by Pardoning Financial Criminals and Fraudsters; How an Article on the Brittle State of China's Economy Got Under Xi Jinping's Skin

    • February 18, 2020 - William Cohan | Joshua Landis | Brian Kalt

      Investigating Bloomberg's Relationship with Wall Street; The UN Warns of "The Biggest Humanitarian Horror Story of the 21st Century" In Syria; Trump's Flurry of Pardon Ahead of Stone's Sentencing On Thursday

    • February 17, 2020 - David Dayen | Michael Kazin | Fred Kaplan

      The Dangers of a Plutocrat-On-Plutocrat Election; Having Transformed the Democratic Party, Has Bernie Already Won?; The History of the Bomb, Now in Trump's Hands


    Rising Up w/Sonali Newsfeed

    • What Motivated Germany’s Racist Deadly Attack?

      FEATURING EMRAN FEROZ – The people of Germany got a horrific taste of American-style gun violence when a man walked into two bars in the town of Hanau near Frankfurt and fatally shot 9 people. All the victims were of immigrant origin. The suspect, known only as Tobias R., was in his 40s and apparently...

    • Behind Barbed Wire: Searching for Japanese Americans Incarcerated During World War II

      Paul Kitagaki Jr. is a Pulitzer Prize winning Photographer and videographer who has documented natural and human-caused disasters. His works have been published in numerous papers including National Geographic, Time, Smithsonian Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, and The Sacramento Bee. But his newest...

    • Headlines: February 21, 2020

      President Donald Trump dismissed intelligence reports that the Russian government was once again attempting to interfere in US elections. On Friday morning he tweeted angrily, “Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after...

    • EVENT: Laura Flanders with Sonali Kolhatkar and Greg Palast

      Join us on Saturday February 22nd at 1 pm at the Palos Verdes Arts Center, 5504 Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. Tickets are ONLY $20 each and benefit KPFK directly. Click the image below to make reservations.

    Rising Up with Sonali Sonali Kolhatkar

    BradBlog Newsfeed

    • The Dem Presidential CLIMATE Debate in Vegas You May Not Have Noticed: 'BradCast' 2/21/2020

      On today's BradCast: With all the knives out between all of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates at Wednesday night's debate in Las Vegas, you may not have noticed that there was actually a rather substantive policy debate within it over how to deal with our intensifying climate emergency. But we noticed. [Audio link to show [...]

    • Knives Out at Dem Vegas Debate: Circular Firing Squad or Overdue Face-Off?: 'BradCast' 2/20/2020

      Washington Post called it a "fiery...two-hour free-for-all that sizzled with animosity." New York Times reported "candidates turned on one another in scorching and personal terms". Associated Press declared it a "debate night brawl" that "threatened to further muddy the party's urgent quest to defeat Presidential Donald Trump". On today's BradCast [audio link posted below], we dive [...]

    • Bloomberg's Disturbing Rise Amid a 'Shell-Shocked Democratic Electorate': 'BradCast' 2/19/2020

      In the hours just before former Republican and current billionaire Michael Bloomberg makes his bought-and-paid-for debut on the Democratic debate stage in Las Vegas, our guest on today's BradCast has a bit of a disturbing scoop about Bloomberg's past comparisons between the AARP and the NRA! [Audio link to full show follows below.] But, first up [...]

    • Trump Empties Gotham Prison: 'BradCast' 2/18/2020

      We've got a lot to catch up on on today's BradCast after a long holiday weekend, as the crisis of rot and corruption inside the once-revered U.S. Dept. of Justice continues to metastasize under Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr; as billionaire Michael Bloomberg buys his way into shaking up the 2020 Democratic [...]

              The BradBlog
    Sojourner Truth Radio

    Lila Garrett has passed away

    SAD NEWS, Lila Garrett long time host of KPFK's "Connect The Dots" and commentator, born November 21, 1925 made her transition today February 1, 2020. Lila was a television screenwriter and radio host “Connect The Dots” heard Monday mornings @ 7am on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles. She wrote for the sitcoms The Second Hundred Years, My Favorite Martian, All in the Family, Bewitched and so much more. Sincere condolences to her beautiful daughter Eliza Roberts, and the entire family and legions of fans all over the country who loved & admired Lila. Her legacy is eternal, Viva Lila Garrett! There will never be another Lila Garrett! Mimi Kennedy and Harvey Wasserman hosted a special edition of Connect the Dots on Monday morning 2-3-2020 you can hear that episode and other CTD episodes HERE ❤️ #lilagarrett #presente



    Lila Garrett Sings! Let's Move the World to a Better Place

    KPFK on Vimeo.


    Pacifica Bylaws Amendment - Referendum Rules and Work Plan

    Referendum Rules and Work Plan – Vote on Revised Bylaws February-March 2020 

    A bylaws amendment petition will be going for a vote of Pacifica’s members on Feb 18th 2020. There will be two parallel elections nationwide, one amongst listeners (10% quorum) and one amongst staff (25% quorum). Ballots must be received before 11:59PM EST on March 19th in order to be counted. 

    Starting on Feb 18th, please look out for an email, paper ballot or postcard (with voter credentials beneath a scratch off). All members who donated a minimum of $25 or who volunteered a minimum of 3 hours between Jan. 03, 2019 and Jan. 02, 2020 are eligible to vote. Examples of eligible volunteer work are: working in the fund room during fund-drives and serving on the local station board and station committees. In order to qualify to vote as staff you need to be paid staff (on payroll as of Jan 2, 2020) or unpaid staff (defined as having completed 30 hours minimum of work (outside of fund-drives) between Oct 3 2019 and Jan 2 2020 (3 month period) at KPFK, KPFT, WBAI and WPFW. At KPFA, the definition for unpaid staff is 30 hours of work (outside of fund-drives) between Jan 3 2019 and Jan 2 2020 (12 month period).

    If you do not receive a ballot please fill out a ballot request form (link to be posted on Feb 18th, 2020). All members (staff or listener) who requested a paper ballot in prior election will receive a paper ballot in this election.

    Prior to requesting a ballot, please make sure to check your SPAM folder and safe-list and  


    • Feb 1-7 Prepare mailing lists 
    • Feb 18 Ballots go out (e-ballots, paper and postcards) 
    • Feb 18 Open election (all)
    • Feb 18 – Mar 19 Fulfill ballot requests and provide customer support 
    • Mar 19 Close election (all)
    • Mar 20 Ballot data entry 
    • Mar 21 – 22 Provide results 

    If you would like to review the proposed bylaw amendment, you may view the posted notice announcement here. 

    The NES will be creating a series of CARTs presenting the main changes in the ByLaws and arguments for and against.
    Please submit your argument for or against by clicking here...   

    Current Bylaws of the Pacifica Foundation

    Proposed New Bylaws of the Pacifica Foundation

    Member Petition to Replace The Pacifica Foundation Bylaws


    New Voting Experience

    How to vote in L.A. County in 2020

    You don't have to wait until election day to cast your vote. You can vote early at a Vote Center, they start opening Feb.22 and you can vote at any one in the county- list here:

    Or mail In your vote-by-Mail ballot early. If you didn’t receive one but you’re registered vote-by-Mail (check registration here): or you got one without the presidential contest you want to vote in, contact registrar for another mail ballot if there’s time to send you one: (800) 815-2666). You can also get the ballot you want in person at any Vote Center. They’ll let you cancel your mail ballot status and will void any mail ballot that comes to the Registrar in your name, so that the only vote from you that will count for this election will be the anonymous ballot you sign in to cast in person that day at the Vote Center. 

    Also, check out this report with Brad Friedman on the new voting machines

    From the General Manager

    • The Price for KPFK

      The past few weeks have been eventful with the historic Impeachment trails, a rise in unsheltered Angelenos, the loss of Lila Garret, and elections season is ramping up with the Iowa caucuses that KPFK and Pacifica covered.

      — Anyel Z. Fields

    • End Of Year - Thank You

      From myself and all the programmers and staff at KPFK, Have a wonderful New Years' Eve celebration. May your pursuit of happiness and efforts for a saner world be fruitful in the year to come. 

      — Anyel Z. Fields

    • Listener Appreciation

      I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all who have helped and supported KPFK and the Pacifica Foundation during our fund drive. A special thanks to those that have been there for KPFK including its listeners through thick and thin. It was a tough decision to preempt our regular programming in May so that we could meet our goal to fund KPFK's operations.

      — Anyel Z. Fields

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