Call for Walls! NoHo Needs a New Mural

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Artist Levi Ponce and Connectopod have teamed up to create a mural in NoHo.

Artist Levi Ponce and Connectopod have teamed up to create a mural in NoHo.

Yes, we are doing a call for walls in North Hollywood. Artist Levi Ponce and Connectopod have teamed up to create a mural in NoHo. Are you a business or property owner that would like to have your wall beautified? Let Connectopod know

We asked Betsy Foldes Meiman from Connectopod about the North Hollywood mural project with artist Levi Ponce and The Village Family Services.

What is Connectopod and Changing the Narrative? 

Connectopod is a non-profit created by a media professional Betsy Foldes Meiman and a social justice youth advocate Andrea Longoria Lopez. We use podcast as a vehicle to improve literacy and communication skills, and teach youth to create their own path.  They learn by creating with professional guest artists mentors. In the process they build a portfolio of linkable work streaming on our platform, Spotify, iHeart radio and many other podcast streams as well as the audio archives of And they finish with a wide network of professionals to tap for internships, jobs and support. And have some fun along the way.

Changing the Narrative is our annual podcast series where we work with youth in communities that get a bad rap. We examine the stereotypes in reputation and the media, and then reclaim the narrative with podcasts that reflect their experience with more nuance and accuracy. 

For our third season, Changing the Narrative: Unhoused Youth, we are in residence at The Village Family Services in North Hollywood working with the drop in center. The TAY (Transitional Age Youth 14-24) get personal in one-on-one interviews about homelessness, including issues surrounding mental health, LGBTQ discrimination, pandemic madness, domestic violence, attending college, finding work, dealing with addiction and PTSD, and how to rise above their situation. And as all youth are doing-just trying to figure out who they are in life. 

The TAY are now working remotely and safely distanced with professional media guest artists to create their own episodes. In the works we have a report on mental health and homelessness, an interview with a producer, some creative fiction, and a music episode. 

Artist Levi Ponce and Connectopod have teamed up to create a mural in NoHo.

          Listen to Connectopod on KPFK.ORG HERE

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