We're Trying Something New

The KPFK team has been working under unusual circumstances to bring stories, news, music, and information that aids in the process of building citizenship, raising social awareness, and strengthening communities. We've opened phone lines for listeners like you to ask questions and share your stories, begun to offer community resources, stories, news, and articles on our website and social networks with our aim to continue to expand the content provided beyond our airwaves. We rely on you, our listeners, and on numerous unpaid volunteers, to make that possible.

Community media, news, services, and journalism are all cornerstones of our democracy and are more critical than ever. Many community organizations, publications, and independent media companies will become casualties of the pandemic.

It's clear to everyone at KPFK that we can't hold a traditional fundraiser, so we've decided to take another approach to our usual long-form fundraisers. 

We've decided to eliminate our typical long-form on-air spring pledge drive. That usually lasts three-week and in some cases, four weeks. During a typical pledge drive, we preempt regular programming and raise over $600,000 to fund our unique media platform. We will also be relying on fewer premiums to meet our. goal. KPFK on average spends nearly $250,000 on premiums a year on the premiums and thank you gifts.  A platform dedicated to building citizenship, raising social awareness, and strengthening communities.

Our soft campaign begins this week, and we here at KPFK along with thousands of supporters aim to raise $500,000 before May 19th so that we can avoid a long-form fund drive

We know this is ambitious and a challenge for us. We are FEARLESS in our efforts to continue our service in bringing you the information, stories, music, and news you need during these times. Many community organizations rely on KPFK to share their stories about the services they offer for the under-served.

This soft campaign is a big deal for us. We know it might be hard to raise the funds we need without the usual amount of time, a plethora of premiums, and massive pre-emptions but I know we can pull it off with your help. 

Our world has changed profoundly and KPFK is adapting to it, so we can still be here for you. Please give what you can, if you can, and thank you so much for your support of community media.

Thank you for supporting FEARLESS RADIO,


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KPFK is a progressive media outlet challenging corporate media perspectives and providing a voice to voiceless communities. Help keep KPFK a strong and independent source of music, arts, news and information.

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