Local Station Board, CAB & PNB

Members in alphabetical order, as recognized by the PNB. Six delegates represent the paid and unpaid staff members, shown by "staff" in parentheses after their name; the other 18 are listener delegates: Rodrigo Argueta Vargas (staff), Christina Avalos, Doug Barnett, Veronica Becerra, Mike Bressler, Tatanka Bricca (Chair), Rachel Bruhnke, John Cromshow (staff), Ace Estwick,  Vic Gerami (staff), Aryana Gladney, Jan Goodman (PNB Director), Wendell Handy (staff),  Nikki Haun (Vice-chair), Michael Heiss, Sue Cohen-Johnson, Evelia Jones (PNB Director), Oye Oyeyipo, Robert Payne, Nancy Pearlman, Myla Reson (staff, PNB Director),  Oscar Ulloa (staff), , Harvey Wasserman (PNB Director), Carlos Zavala. Michael Novick, the interim General Manager, serves as a non-voting ex officio member of the Local Station Board. Leslie Dione Emge is the non-member secretary of the LSB, and Kim Kaufman is the non-member treasurer of the LSB and serves ex officio on the National Finance Committee of the Pacifica National Board. 

All meetings of the KPFK Local Station Board and its committees are posted at in calendar format. Click on a calendar date in the monthly view, and a list of all meetings on that date will appear. The list contains a link to a membership list of that board or committee. Many meetings take place telephonically or via zoom; information about that access will also be posted there, as will minutes and audio recordings after the meeting. Some of the audio stream of meetings can be heard live via links on You can reach the members of the Pacifica National Board by email at, and the members of the KPFK Local Station Board at

KPFK also has a community advisory board, chaired by Dan McCrory. You can reach him at


Marcus Avila, Male Latino, realtor, Joe Ayala, Male Latino/Iranian, labor leader, John Donner   Male, Caucasian  Retired, former reporter, Kelly Flores    Female, Latina  K-12 Educator, UTLA memberTsukuru Fors, Trans, Japanese political activist, Melvin Ishmael Johnson Male, African American, Playwright, Stephan Klein Male, Latin, CaucasianChancee Martorell Female, Thai, Executive Director non-profit, Dan McCrory  (chair) Male, Caucasian; former labor leader, retired telecom worker, PBS CAB member, Sylvester Rivers Male, African American, musician, radio producer, Ruth Sanchez   Female, Latina      Educator,  Dr. Ruth Strauss physician, David Tokofsky  Male, Caucasian  Teacher, Former LAUSD board member, Analisa Venolia (Vice Chair)  Female, Latina  Graduate student



New directors were seated, and new officers were elected. Susan Young was elected the chair of the Pacifica PNB. Minerva Saunders is now vice chair. Julie Hewitt will serve as secretary.

An in-depth report was provided by ED Stephanie Wells;
The bottom line is that the network is in dire financial straits.  This was illustrated in detail by a chart of the aged payables.  It was also made clear that even the proceeds of the  sale of the KPFK building will not even bring us to a break even point.  Some of the proceeds of the sale will be set aside to pay the upcoming FJC loan and EID loan payments.   She also announced that a liability insurance policy for the network has now been procured.

Susan Young did an excellent job of running the February 1 meeting But unnecessary interruptions extended the meeting time to 3.5 hours, when it could have been far shorter and more productive.

National Committees 

The Pacifica National Board (PNB) started the process by which the various committees  of the PNB will be populated.  Each local station board will be sending two Non-Director Delegate Representatives to the National Audit Committee, and the Governance Committee.   Our LSB non-director representative to the Finance Committee will be our Treasurer, Kim Kaufman.  Myla Reason will be explaining the process of the election as she is introducing a motion for the local station board to elect 2 non director LSB delegates to represent KPFK on both the national governance committee and the national audit committee.

The process was also commenced for the members of the PNB to nominate and elect members of the Personnel, Governance, Audit, Coordinating and Finance Committees of the  Pacifica National Board.

Clearly, we have our work cut out for us. -- Jan Goodman, KPFK listener director on the PNB

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